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2103, 15 Mar 21

Kerr Insists that Wisconsin Opens Schools

The science is quite clear about this. Many schools have been open all over Wisconsin for months with almost no issues. The refusal to open them know is an act of wonton cruelty against our children.

“We need our schools to open because we know our schools are the safest place for our students to be,” Kerr told reporters. “Excuses mean we are not doing enough for our kids. It’s time to get our kids back to school.”


Additionally, she said she wouldn’t adhere to “Madison bureaucracy” and would fight to give every school the resources it needs to fully reopen, including a call for the state to spend its federal COVID relief dollars on reopening schools.


Underly in a virtual press conference Saturday after Kerr’s event said Kerr was “pandering for political purposes” when she said scientific evidence shows schools can reopen for in-person classes safely.


The Pecatonica School District superintendent said forcing schools to open that are not able to implement social distancing guidelines is wrong and puts kids and teachers at risk.


“Kerr clearly did not read the research and she is lying about what it says,” Underly said. “Forcing schools to reopen for in-person learning is simply irresponsible and wrong.”


2103, 15 March 2021


  1. Mar

    So, Underly can get his school district open but doesn’t give a crap about the other school districts that refuse to open.
    That’s not leadership. That’s weakness talking.
    But he doesn’t care because he is in the pocket of the teacher unions.
    And since Pecatonica is a mostly white school district and the school districts that are closed are mostly school districts with mostly brown and black students, can we say we have a racist running to head DPI?

  2. Le Roi du Nord


    Kerr’s opponent is Jill Underly, a woman. Like they say, “ know the candidates”.

  3. Mar

    Umm, your point Le Roi? Her name is in the article and Kerr is also a woman.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    My point, you ask? That you feel obliged to make desultory comments about someone you don’t know much about.

  5. Mar

    Ok, I screwed up by her a him. Don’t why. I knew that last night.
    But everything else is true.

  6. Jason

    >But everything else is true.

    Of course Bitch Pants Leroy Cuomo has nothing to argue other than the default: Spelling, Grammar, or Pronouns. That’s all he/she ever has.

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