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2118, 15 Mar 21

Hot Tub Insurance Claims Skyrocket

Put this on the list of things we should have seen coming.

Aviva said there had been a 188% year-on-year increase in accidental damage claims for hot tubs in 2020.


Claims it accepted include a grass strimmer bursting an inflatable tub and an engagement ring ripping a lining.


The high-ticket items rocketed in popularity in 2020 as more people spent summer in the UK.


Last June, shopping platform eBay reported sales of hot tubs had increased by nearly five times. And, stock on Argos’s website remains limited, where hot tubs can cost up to £6,439.


But parasols falling into tubs have also caused customers trouble, as have birds pecking holes in their covers, according to Aviva.


2118, 15 March 2021


  1. Jason

    My money is on a massive increase in trampoline injuries here in the States. I’ve seen a massive increase of tramps in back yards in my area.

  2. Owen

    If you are seeing that many tramps in your area, it may be time to move to a better neighborhood :)

  3. Jason

    It’s that Liberal spread from the cities that is bringing things down in the country.

  4. dad29

    Another of the First World Problems needing a catalog entry….

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