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0639, 26 Feb 21

Administrator Violated Ethics Code When She Gave Vaccine to Husband

From the Washington County Daily News. Glad to see that there is some accountability. The public deserves to know what was done… did the administrator receive a slap on the wrist or something more impactful? I don’t think she deserves to be fired, but something more significant than a letter of reprimand is warranted.

WEST BEND — On Thursday morning, the Washington County Ethics Board discussed a report on the Samaritan Health Center administrator after her husband, who was not an employee of the facility, received the COVID-19 vaccine. Chairman John Zorbini explained the matter was dealt with as a personnel issue within the county. The Human Resources Department determined a violation of the Samaritan Health Center policy occurred as members of the general public were not allowed in the facility due to COVID-19 restrictions, as well as a breach in the county’s code of ethics.


While Borek’s husband fell into the eligible age group and co-morbidity category to receive the vaccine, he was not eligible to receive one from Samaritan.


Zorbini had been brought into the investigation to determine if it was an ethics issue and the county took quick action.


“We felt at this point in time, this was more of a personnel matter,” he said.


Disciplinary actions the county can take toward its officials and employees can be oral or written reprimands, suspensions or dismissals. The county would not describe the specific disciplinary action in this case. Borek, however, remains the Samaritan Health Center’s administrator.


0639, 26 February 2021


  1. Mar

    Lot of questions here.
    Did she get reprimanded for bringing her husband into the facility or because he got the vaccine?
    If it was because he got the vaccine, well, were there extras and they would have thrown away the dose if it wasn’t used?
    Was anybody denied the vaccine because he took it?
    If not, then who cares where he got the shot? He qualified for the shot.
    Was she reprimanded for bringing him into the home? Well, it’s a stupid policy to keep family members and even staff family visiting for a short time, if they do it safely. She would be reprimanded for not opening up the nursing home to family and others.

  2. Letsgetreal

    Owen lives in Texas now…

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