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0632, 26 Feb 21

Non-Partisan School Board Races

The race for School Board is on in West Bend and, once again, we have some conservatives trying to unseat the lefty-leaning incumbents. I was amused by this letter to the editor in the Washington County Daily News. 

Here we go again. A partisan request to vote for a “conservative” for a School Board position. There are two problems with this request: (1.) School boards are nonpartisan for good reason. Members must be able to work with everyone for the good of the students, community and taxpayers — not represent a particular viewpoint or push an agenda. And (2.) there is no universally accepted definition of what being a “conservative” is.


As the last few years have shown, working to divide the population based on political party has had no lasting benefit to the country as a whole or West Bend in particular. Rather than pushing propaganda and a political point of view, we need to hear why the candidates are able to work with everyone in the community to educate each child to their full potential.


I, for one, don’t care what political party you belong to. I want to know you understand how schools work, teachers teach and students learn. And I want a fair hearing of all points of view. You get no points for wearing your political party or religious beliefs on your sleeve.


— Joan Thompson, West Bend

“Conservative” is not “partisan.” Conservatism is not a political party. It is a philosophy. And while the definition covers a range of variance, it is a useful shorthand to describe a political candidate. It is very telling that no school board candidate in West Bend ever runs as a “liberal,” despite many of them being just that. And “liberal” also covers a range of variance in philosophy, but nobody wants to use it.

In any case, do you know who constantly gripes about school board races being nonpartisan? Liberals. Because they can’t use their label and they want to take the ability of opponents to label themselves. Liberals running for nonpartisan races in conservative areas like to create a great beige slate of candidates so that they don’t have to explain their own philosophy.


0632, 26 February 2021


  1. Mike

    Members of the school board are some of the most powerful people you will ever see. They have the ability to ruin your children’s future through the school discipline process.

    Choose wisely.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    ““Conservative” is not “partisan.””

    Better tell that to several of the routine critics of our public schools, as they slam public school board members at every opportunity.

    BTW, I agree with you in principle, but surely not your last paragraph.

  3. Merlin

    Liberals only concern themselves with nonpartisanship when they fear an erosion of their own partisan self interests and they tolerate competing viewpoints only if they pose little or no threat to the liberal status quo.

    You deplorables in West Bend must have Joan worried enough to put pen to paper.

  4. Mar

    The pervert sociopath says”Better tell that to several of the routine critics of our public schools, as they slam public school board members at every opportunity.”
    And yet the dumbass does the same thing to President Trump and conservatives.
    I’m glad you just got released from Mendota.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Did you even read what Owen wrote?

    “Nonpartisan” is a shame for liberals to hide their awful ideology.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Geez mar, wrong again. If you had not noticed, this thread was about public school boards, which are non-partisan elected positions. It wasn’t about trump, the former president, and and a former candidate for a partisan elected position. Pay attention, and stay current.

    And, unlike you, I have never been on the Mendota grounds. So you are lying again.


    Yes. Did you?

  7. Mar

    And the boy loving pervert sociopath has nothing but crap and lies.
    When are you going to show us how educated you are, special education drop out sociopath?
    Or did you just decide to troll again today after you got released from the Mendota sexual predator wing?

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong all the way around, mar. Does saying those things make you feel more manly? Or are you projecting again?

  9. Mar

    What did I get wrong, pervert boy?
    You usual unoriginal comment after you have been proven wrong.
    But hey, since you feel you can lie about me and things I said, why would you care what I said about you?
    And don’t come back with “what lie?” So unoriginal.

  10. Pat


    The best thing you could do for yourself is to do what I’ve chosen. And that is to remain silent, sit back, and read the comments. You’re not going to change anyone’s viewpoint. There are only a handful that participate and attempting rational debate is futile.

  11. Mar

    That’s too bad Pat. While I disagree with a lot of what you say, there are times when you come up with something brilliant.
    The perverted sociopath however is a troll who never adds anything positive to a conversation.

  12. Letsgetreal

    Owen…are you flying back from your new home in Texas to attend Fish Day?

  13. Letsgetreal

    Owen…Tiffany and I have never voted anything but Republican…why do you consider us liberals? Are we not crazy enough for you?

  14. Letsgetreal

    FYI…We believe in vaccines.

  15. Mar

    Letsgetreal, there is a difference between Republican, like Liz Cheney and Mitch Mcconnell and conservatives like Gov. Desantis and Norm, Paul Gosar etc.
    I vote conservative. It might be a Republican, Democrat or Independent.

  16. Mar

    Oh look, the self admitted troll wants to join the conversation.
    Umm, no.

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    No one can have a conversation with you, mar, as all you want to do is call folks names.

  18. Mar

    As far as Gosar is concerned, I find him to be a despicable human being.
    Not because of his politics, but what he did a few years ago.
    A K-9 for the Kingman police department was a LODD and my son and myself went to the memorial service. They were playing the usual somber music, but least 3 times before the service began, Gosar had 3 political advertisements played over the air.
    I called him out on it through phone calls, email and and his office ignored it.
    When he was running again in 2020, I called him out again finally his office responded, blaming the media for it.
    Gosar is my Congress ritter but I refuse to vote for him and will never vote for him.
    Unlike liberals, some conservatives will eat their own.

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    So mar, which is it? You call gosar a “conservative” (conservatives like Gov. Desantis and Norm, Paul Gosar etc.), and say you vote for conservatives, “( vote conservative), yet call him despicable. Did you vote for someone like that, or not?

  20. Mar

    Read what I wrote Troll boy.

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    I did. Note those ” ” thingies.

  22. Mar

    Since you are a self admitted troll, I’ll understand why you are play stupid and you are playing it well.

  23. Le Roi du Nord

    There you go again, mar. Calling folks names, yet wondering why you can’t have a “conversation”.

  24. Mar

    You admitted you were a troll, so I am very accurate and your conversation here proves it.

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