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0639, 25 Feb 21

Racine’s Sheep

This made me roll my eyes.

“I would equate it to the Wild Wild West of Wisconsin,” said Angelina Cruz, Racine Educators United president. “There’s no clear rollout plan anywhere that I know of.”


Cruz said the Racine Unified School District has not shared a formal plan to get teachers vaccinated, so she’s advising teachers to call their doctors.

Are Racine’s teachers so inept that they need their employer or their union boss to tell them to call their doctors to get a vaccine? Were they really sitting around doing nothing waiting for the school district administration to make a “rollout plan?” Why would anyone even think that’s the district’s responsibility? If an adult can’t manage to figure out how to get in line for a vaccine somewhere without their employer or union boss telling them too, then they are too stupid to be teaching.


0639, 25 February 2021


  1. dad29


    So far, they’re gotten paid for NOT showing up on the job. About 6 months’ pay?

    AND they get union benefits without too much danger of “workplace injuries.”

    AND they don’t have to pay child-care while they are (not) at work.

    Not stupid. There are words to use, but “stupid” ain’t one of them.

  2. Tuerqas

    I agree with Owen, Dad. They have no knowledge of or experience in doing anything except their specific job. They don’t have to because the unions do all of it for them and just like parents abrogating their parental responsibilities to the schools, teachers passed it on to the unions. Is someone who won’t think for themselves, and leaves many important decisions in their lives to others stupid? You could use other words, but I think stupid is relatively accurate, if you have little to no say in those decisions once given away.

    At the very least, I think this makes any non-teacher who has been sitting on the fence concerning Act 10 to buy it now that their kids are largely not being properly taught. If it had never passed you can be sure we would be paying considerably more for them doing even less.

  3. dad29

    They got the money and they did not work for it. Larceny? Yes. But they will not go to jail. So they are smart.

    Yes, I know that they are–by and large–6th-grade kids. I know plenty of them and got to observe them up close. They are drones; appliances (with some exceptions.)

  4. Mar

    “And more likely beral tyranny:”
    Should be: ‘And more liberal tyranny”
    Darn spell check.
    Darn grey writing on grey background.
    Darn eyes.

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