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0901, 01 Feb 21

Racine School District Looks for Head. Finds it in…

Racine is starting to think about kids returning to school.

Racine Unified’s reopening plan, announced Monday, calls for a phased return of students to buildings by grade level over a three-week span. In addition to the in-person and the remote livestream options, Racine Unified is offering a virtual option through Racine Virtual Learning which uses different curriculum and teachers than the remote option. Families are asked to commit to one of the three options for the remainder of the school year through a survey to be completed by Friday, Feb. 5.

Not to pick on the Racine government schools, but I will. They are just one example of hundreds of schools across the state that are in the same boat.

I will point out, however, that it is FEBRUARY. The kids have been out of school for nearly a YEAR. And they are just now getting to details of a reopen plan? Many government and private school districts have been successfully doing in-person and hybrid learning since last August. Why is taking Racine, and districts like them, so long? What is their real priority? It clearly isn’t educating kids.


0901, 01 February 2021


  1. Mar

    “Why is taking Racine, and districts like them, so long? What is their real priority? It clearly isn’t”
    Racine public schools is 61% minority. That’s why the delay.
    Keep them dumb and uneducated.

  2. Tuerqas

    Of course, the obvious question there is: In what way is 61% a minority?

  3. Mar

    Just as President Sparklefart failed lead in terms of inner city crime during his 8 years as president, Senile Joe is failing miserably in trying to get kids, in mostly inner city schools ( but not all) back to school.
    Part of it is the teacher unions and the other part is his fake doctor wife, who was a teacher.
    Senile Joe needs to sign an executive order demanding schools reopen, especially since science says it is safe to do so.

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