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0843, 01 Feb 21

Speed Limits and Laws

What a truly idiotic statement.

“It is important for people to remember that masks save lives,” the governor said. “It is not about individual liberty, as others would say. If some of those arguments would be in place, I would expect the Assembly and the Senate to be sending me legislation getting rid of speed limits on our highways so that liberties to go 100 mph aren’t constrained. Obviously that’s ridiculous, and getting rid of this mask mandate falls within that category.”

First, notice how cavalier the governor is about your individual liberty. Second, notice how he accepts that the legislature would have to send him legislation about changing speed limits, but doesn’t make the connection that the legislature should have to act to enact a mask mandate. Evers is equating a hypothetical policy difference with a dispute over him acting unilaterally.


0843, 01 February 2021

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  1. Jason

    You tagged Tony Ever’s… but you should also tag MaxwellEQs

    But, it makes sense that you guys should ignore all that and complain about laws that tell people to wear a mask during a pandemic. Why not get rid of stop lights and speed limits while you’re at it? Why should you have to suffer the tyranny of the traffic light and traffic cop?

    Written just two days ago.

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