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1945, 25 Jan 21

Madison Health Department Cracks Down on “Flower #6” and Other Scofflaws

The outrage!

A Dane County dance studio is accused of ignoring local pandemic restrictions with an indoor performance of “The Nutcracker” last month, resulting in the largest number of violations issued by the health department against one business.


According to a complaint filed Monday in Dane County court, A Leap Above Dance Studio in Oregon, Wisconsin was holding classes in early December despite a prohibition at the time on indoor gatherings of any size following a November surge of  COVID-19 cases.


“This was really concerning to us. Unfortunately, our numbers had risen, and we were trying to slow the spread of the virus,” said assistant city of Madison attorney Marcia Paulsen.


Then, on Dec. 13, Public Health Madison & Dane County officials say the studio recorded a performance of the holiday ballet with 119 individuals, despite a warning not to do so. The story was first reported by the Wisconsin State Journal.

The actual complaint really reveals the true scope of carnage left by the scofflaws.


1945, 25 January 2021


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