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1555, 25 Jan 21

Democrat Senator to Preside over Presidential Impeachment

This is clearly an unconstitutional impeachment. And now the Democrats is going to have a long-term Democrat preside as judge to make it clear that this is a political show trial.

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial will be presided over by Patrick Leahy, the longest-serving Democratic senator, not the chief justice, it was revealed Monday.


House impeachment managers will carry out the symbolic act of formally walking an impeachment article of Trump to the Senate on Monday – officially beginning the first impeachment of a U.S. president who is out of office.




The Constitution establishes that ‘when the President of the United States is tried the Chief Justice shall preside.’


But it makes no specific mention of a former president. Roberts was reportedly anxious to avoid presiding over a second Trump impeachment: a role that would test his efforts to remain nonpartisan, while once again soaking up part of his workday.


CNN reported Monday that Leahy, the most senior Democrat in the Senate and the president pro tempore, would likely preside.


At one point there had been speculation it would be Kamala Harris presiding, because of the vice president’s constitutional position as Senate president.


It was not immediately clear how having a senior Democrat presiding might affect the tenor of the proceedings.


1555, 25 January 2021


  1. dad29

    This utterly ridiculous scandal will be played out in “the temple of democracy”–the “hallowed halls” of freedom, right?

    Bozo Brigade, complete with s***-spray all over the ‘hallowed halls.’

  2. Merlin

    Both Roberts and Kimmel had prior engagements?

  3. Pat

    •GOP: 33 hearings & investigations over 5 years.

    Hillary’s emails:
    •GOP: 20+ hearings & investigations over 5 years.

    Trump’s Insurrection:
    •GOP: How dare you muzzle us. It’s been 3 weeks move on already.

  4. Owen

    You realize that legislative oversight committees are different than an impeachment trial, right? Democrats are welcome to have committee investigations. Perhaps they should in their oversight role. But that’s not what we’re talking about.

  5. Pat

    And I can only assume that the GOP will be clambering for that.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    “what we’re talking about” is a sitting president, assisted and enabled by his employees, administration, and fellow party/cult members, attempting to overthrow an free and fair election.

  7. Pat

    I’m sure the Party of accountability, law and order, and who back the blue, will help purge the Republican Party of MAGA terrorists.

  8. dad29

    As to LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy: Yawn.

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry to wake you, did.

  10. Mar

    “Sorry to wake you, did.”
    Who is did?

  11. Mar

    “I’m sure the Party of accountability, law and order, and who back the blue, will help purge the Republican Party of MAGA terrorists.”
    If they are rioting and looting I sure hope they do.
    And I am sure Lying Pat, that you would support the arrest and prosecution Antifa and bLM followers who also riot and loot.

  12. Mar

    Of course, the nit wits of Lying Pat and the perverted sociopath diverted attention away from the fact that this an unconstitutional impeachment.
    But I guess, when life gives you you only 5 brain cells, you cannot make logical and intelligent points.

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