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0724, 20 Jan 21

Evers Installs Lobbyist As New Health Secretary

The oxygenating churn of the swamp.

MADISON – Wisconsin’s incoming top health official isn’t saying whether she will step away from decisions affecting the health care clients she represented as a lobbyist.


Karen Timberlake next week will become interim health services secretary. She will replace Andrea Palm, who is stepping down to take the No. 2 post in President-elect Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services.


Timberlake served as Wisconsin’s health secretary from 2008 to 2011 under Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle and in recent years has focused on health care issues as a lobbyist with Michael Best Strategies. She shed those clients Tuesday, but in her new job will be able to make decisions that have profound effects on how they operate and their bottom lines.


0724, 20 January 2021


  1. Tuerqas

    Reward for job well done and money well spent.

  2. MaxwellsEQs

    I had hoped from more from Evers. While I would still vote for him in a second over Walker, it is disappointing to see such things. Maybe the Republicans will nominate someone better in the next election?

    Dad – I was thinking about what you and Owen said about the problems getting out unemployment checks. I do not think that is Evers’ fault, most states are having the same problem.

    I think it is unfair for the Republicans to blame him. However, Evers proposal to spend 90 million dollars on technology to “fix” the problem appears pretty shady to me. I really does seem like Democrats are in the pockets of big tech in the same way that Republicans are in the pockets of fossil fuels.

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