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1630, 16 Jan 21

Federal Land to be Mined

The bias in this story is almost laughable.

As one of its last acts, the Trump administration has set in motion the transfer of sacred Native American lands to a pair of Anglo-Australian mining conglomerates.


The 2,422-acre Arizona parcel called Oak Flat is of enormous significance to the Western Apache and is now on track for destruction by what is slated to be one of the largest copper mining operations in the United States.

Steps for the controversial land transfer from the US government, which owns the land, to the miners were completed on Friday morning, when a final environmental assessment was published. The government must soon transfer title to the land.

Oh, that horrible Trump and his hate for the environment and Native Americans, amiright!?!? Oh, except:

Unbeknown to tribes and environmental groups who had long opposed mining Oak Flat, the land transfer was passed by Congress and signed by Barack Obama in December 2014 as a last-minute rider to a Department of Defense spending bill.

President Obama and a Democratic Senate helps bring this about.

What should outrage everyone is why it takes over six years for a transfer like this to take place. Glaciers and snails look with disgust at the slowness of the federal bureaucracy.


1630, 16 January 2021

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  1. Tuerqas

    6 years to happen done in 2014? That is easy. Dems haven’t had different consecutive Presidencies in our lifetimes, so why plan for it? They can blame Republicans in 2016 or if Hillary won, the Republican in 2020 could still take blame. Libs would not believe a Dem could do something like that, it is just so Republican. I couldn’t get a Lib here to accept proof from our State statutes.
    In Arizona Trump WILL get the blame.

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