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0731, 05 Jan 21

Assembly returns to work in person

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. It begs the question: when will any of us go back to a relative normal? Here’s a part:

For those who decry the decline of consensus and collaboration in our elected bodies, making them virtual will only make it worse. Consider the people debating politics on social media as they retreat into their information silos and ideological fortresses and imagine them writing legislation that will govern your life. The results would be predictably bad. Some things just have to be done in person.


Furthermore, let us not pretend that any but the tiniest minority of our representatives are actually isolating at home. While the Democrats insist on doing their jobs virtually, most of them are continuing to go shopping, eat at restaurants, meet with friends and colleagues, spend time with their extended families, work in their businesses, and generally go about living their lives. They might be wearing masks and keeping their distance, but they are going about their lives like millions of other Wisconsinites. Their insistence on doing their jobs as elected representatives virtually is conveniently selective.


In his letter imploring Speaker Vos to keep the Assembly virtual, Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz conveniently neglects to provide any standard by which he and his colleagues would willingly attend in person. Presumably, the Democrats want to do their jobs virtually in perpetuity — or at least until they no longer need to posture that COVID19 is more dangerous than it is.


0731, 05 January 2021


  1. Jason

    Looks like your title was pre-mature. Maybe it should have said “Assembly Republicans return to work in person”.

  2. Mar

    It’s a shame that liberals have politicized the virus to the point you cannot trust anyone.
    Fauchi is chief Liar and he has admitted as much that he has lied.
    The media and liberals have used scare tactics to become petty tyrants.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Odd that anyone would make the ridiculous claim “Fauchi is chief Liar…”. Look at all the lies trump has told re covid, and you make that claim about Fauchi. What an amazing display of willful ignorance.

    BTW: HCQ still isn’t effective as a treatment/cure/prophylaxis for covid.

  4. Mar

    Oh, look, the Liar and hater is back.
    You weren’t missed.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    Based on your comments (above) the liar and hater is you.
    I’m sure you didn’t miss me holding up the banner of truth, freedom, and the constitution in front of authoritarian deniers like yourself.

  6. Jason

    >I’m sure you didn’t miss me holding up the banner of truth, freedom, and the constitution in front of authoritarian deniers like yourself.

    Hahaha, add Narcissist to your list Mar.

  7. dad29

    Do we really need LeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy to regurgitate the CNN talking points every day?

  8. Tuerqas

    “Odd that anyone would make the ridiculous claim “Fauchi is chief Liar…”. ”

    My beef is that this is Fauci’s supposed area of expertise and half of the population has virtually worshipped every word from his lips concerning Covid both before and after he admitted lying. Heck most libs don’t even admit that he ever lied at all or at worst that he did it for our own good. They have wanted to enforce his words exactly like Nazis wanted to enforce Hitler’s words, no questions, no dissent. I think the majority of conservatives like what Trump accomplished, but few think his every outlandish claim should be law. They may think, hey he could be right on any given topic, but Trump wasn’t trying to make new laws concerning Covid, Fauci, with dem support still is.

    Trump started by trying to play the virus down, exactly like the Obama admin played down the swine flu. That was the right call, but Dems were trying to win an election. With “healthcare professionals” willing to step into the political arena to win votes, lying becomes a requirement. That is where ‘professionals’ lose the title in my book. You are not really a professional in a field without professionalism.
    Btw, I am not comparing Fauci to Hitler in any way, I am comparing the herd mentality liberal mob to the German masses who voluntarily gave him the power to do what he did,.

  9. dad29

    Nicely argued, T. But LeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy doesn’t understand “argumentation.” So you’ll see more CNN script–

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