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1917, 02 Jan 21

Indiana County Repeals Anti-Hippie Law


LaGrange County, Indiana, has repealed a 1971 law that was intended to block huge gatherings like the 1969 Woodstock music festival in New York state.

“I called it our anti-hippie ordinance,” county commissioner Dennis Kratz said with a smile.


The ordinance regulated large gatherings that lasted more than 12 hours and involved more than 500 people, The News Sun reported.


The law was recently dropped as part of an effort to repeal ordinances that have no practical use but have been on the books for as long as 100 years, especially certain traffic restrictions. County attorney Kurt Bachman’s research lasted three years.


1917, 02 January 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Anti-hippie laws are a good thing. Nothing good ever comes from a large gathering of radical leftists…it usually ends in property destruction and violent crime.

  2. Mar

    “The City of Hartford is unique in that its liquor ordinance prevents any grocery or convenience store from selling alcohol. The ordinance was passed to protect the mom-and-pop liquor stores in the community.”
    Nothing like stifling free trade and keeping prices high.
    And I am sure that nothing would stop someone from Hartford from going just outside the city limits to buy some booze and groceries at the same time.

  3. Mar

    What the heck, I posted on Around the Bend and it posted here?????

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