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2122, 28 Dec 20

Russia Underreported COVID Deaths

I know. I’m shocked too. Next thing you know we’ll find out that China is giving fake statistics too.

Russian officials acknowledged on Monday that the nation’s COVID-19 death toll is in fact more than three times what had been previously reported, after months of President Vladimir Putin holding up the supposedly low fatality rate as a marker of the country’s success in battling the pandemic.


As The Guardian reported, the state-run statistics agency Rosstat said the total number of deaths between January and November from all causes had jumped by 229,700 when compared with the previous year.


“More than 81 percent of this increase in mortality over this period is due to COVID,” said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, which would indicated a death toll of more than 186,000 Russians, The Guardian reported. The update means Russia has the third-highest number of fatalities in the world, surpassed only by the U.S. and Brazil.


Russian officials have so far confirmed more than 3 million cases and only 55,265 deaths, The Guardian noted, a number far lower than other large impacted countries.


2122, 28 December 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    According to liberals, only Trump killed people with COVID.

    These awful liberal media orgs don’t want it getting out that US did a pretty good job handling it outside of Cuomo and other awful liberal officials.

  2. Mar

    They under reported deaths and we over report deaths.
    Too bad we cannot get honest figures.

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