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1213, 22 Dec 20

Nass: Evers Fails to Compromise

I do agree that the Republicans need to try to keep the doors open to compromise, but stop waiting for it. Pass your ideas and let Evers decide if he’s going to us his veto or not. But we’re waiting to see Republicans do more than talk.

“Governor Evers has offered what he calls a compromise Covid-19 Recovery Bill. The only compromises in it would be on the part of Republicans giving up on everything we have asked be included. It contains none of the major proposals offered by Republicans to reopen public schools for in-person education, reopen state government facilities to state workers, or ending the abuses by public health bureaucrats in controlling every aspect of our daily lives.

It is time for Republicans to get off our knees and fight to advance the Covid-19 legislation our constituents are demanding of us. Governor Evers and his administration represent the interests of liberals in Dane County and the City of Milwaukee.


1213, 22 December 2020


  1. Merlin

    When did they rise as far as their knees?

  2. dad29

    Vos is fast becoming Super-Twit.  (Running for Governor??)

    LaMahieu has made it clear he has little use for Cock Robin.  It would be good for someone to whack Cock Robin upside the head to get him motivated.

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