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2226, 17 Dec 20

Wisconsin COVID19 Cases Are Down 50% Since Recent Peak

Huh… no Thanksgiving spike? Just like no election spike… no Independence Day spike… no Labor Day spike… it’s almost as if the virus doesn’t really give a crap what we do.

New daily COVID-19 cases are down 50% from their peak a month ago in Wisconsin, according to state Department of Health Services data.

And contact tracers can again handle their daily caseloads after being overwhelmed in October and November, DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm said in a news conference.


2226, 17 December 2020


  1. Mar

    So, how about some karma.
    The daughter of the Los Angeles mayor got the liberal/chinese virus, despite all the draconian, tyrannical restrictions in LA.
    I am sure she will recover, but it pretty much shows that all these restrictions don’t do anything.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I am so tired of hearing from extremists that we have to cancel everything….especially in the light of the data, there were no spikes after all these events.

    Liberal politicians have been the worst during this pandemic…exercising their dictatorial needs torun everyone’s life— in true Marxist fashion.

    Awful. Just awful.

  3. Mark Hoefert

    And despite the WI Republicans “sabotaging” the best efforts of Evers, et al, to deal with the virus, Wisconsin ranks 34th in deaths per million.  4255 deaths to date, 731 per million.  National average 961 deaths per million.  New Jersey is 2049 deaths per million.

    If Wisconsin were New Jersey, we would have 11,884 deaths. If we tracked with the national average we would be 5574.


  4. Mar

    You realize, Mark, Herr Evers will take credit for this, and say the mask mandates work, despite evidence saying it doesnt.

  5. steveegg

    And yet Ev…er…Gau wants to apply the dim mak to restaurants and bars.

  6. dad29

    You mean “dhim(mi) mask”?  Don’t forget the “H”!!

  7. Jason

    Yeah, Fauci’s predictions have never aged well.

    But tools like Leroy will conveniently ignore those facts so long as future predictions continue to fall into his narrow minded belief system.


  8. Mark Hoefert

    Herr Evers will take credit for this, and say the mask mandates work

    Well, if not, what will be said, it would  have been worse, more would have died.

    Since most states seem to have mask mandates, and some have lock-downs, perhaps in Wisconsin the variable is the power of Packer masks.  The bug must be intimidated by the Packers.

  9. steveegg

    No, I meant the death blow (or don’t you remember “Bloodsport”?).

  10. dad29

    Nope.  Bloodsport was after my time.  But I remember all the Eastwood spaghetti westerns–and all the Dirty Harrys……..

    Damn, that was a nice 6-gun.

  11. TEXAG

    And what’s the bottom line again, a 0.8% death rate? And, how does that compare to the “regular/seasonal” flu, despite all liberal attempts to massage the data?

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