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2034, 18 Dec 20

Johnson Stalls Massive Spending Bill

Kudos to Senator Johnson. It’s nice to see a teensy bit of fiscal hawkishness return to the Republican rhetoric.

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson on Friday blocked an effort to deliver $1,200 checks to Americans as a response to the ongoing economic of the coronavirus pandemic – citing deficit concerns in the final weeks of the Trump presidency.

He was able to block an effort by Missouri Republican Sen. John Hawley, who teamed with Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders and sought ‘unanimous consent’ to attach the plan to a must-pass bill to keep the government open, with funding set to expire at midnight.

‘I completely support some kind of program targeted for small businesses,’ Johnson said on the Senate floor. ‘So what I fear we’re going to do with this bipartisan package and what the senator from Missouri is talking about is the same thing, is a shotgun approach,’ he said.

He raised deficit concerns and said the checks would be ‘mortgaging our children’s future.’ Congress enacted numerous relief packages totaling trillions before the election, but unemployment and economic pain has persisted amid a continued spike in infections and mandated distancing measures.

The Senator from Missouri asked for unanimous consent and there wasn’t. Good.


2034, 18 December 2020

1 Comment

  1. Mar

    I kind of disagree on this one.
    There are a lot of people and businesses hurting because of the forced government shut downs, in mostly liberal states.
    I 5hink the stimulus checks to individuals would be better than some other money the government is throwing away.
    And some of that money will be coming back to the treasury in the form of business taxes and it will also help bail out local and states through the sales tax, so we don’t need a bailout for those governments.
    But the bottom line is that many of the problems are caused by the government, including the Federal government including the bumbling “Dr” Fauchi.

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