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0732, 11 Dec 20

Evers Opposes Representative Government

Just consider how authoritarian this perspective is.

Gov. Tony Evers said he’s “concerned” about a GOP proposal to give the Republican-led Legislature oversight of future COVID-19-related spending and the state’s vaccine deployment.


“Clearly, if you think about over 100 people in the Capitol figuring out who gets the vaccine first or second and so on, that doesn’t even pass the smell test,” Evers said on a media call with reporters Thursday.

So having the legislature weigh in on public policy and how we spend hundreds of millions of dollars “doesn’t even pass the smell test?” These decisions should be made by one man sitting in a mansion on Lake Mendota?

This is a man who doesn’t actually believe in our system of government.


0732, 11 December 2020


  1. dad29

    Like it or not, Trump signed the law giving Governors exclusive authority over the money.

    Do you have some reason to trust Robin Vos’ caucus?

  2. Mar

    What do you expect from an ex-teacher and educrat?
    He spent all of his professional life telling people what to do and had total control in the classroom and bureaucracy. He’s had total control of people’s lives all his adulthood.
    Dictatorship comes easy for him.

  3. Jason

    I’m with dad, and I have no more confidence in Vos or Fitz than I do in Evers.

  4. Merlin

    Dad has a point.

    Adopting a standard of “better than Evers” justifies everything is a mistake. Wisconsinites should demand much loftier standards for their politicians. Not all future governors will be as dysfunctional as Evers and they certainly won’t all be Democrat.

    In theory a legislature is representative government, but only to the degree it is responsive to its citizens. This legislature has spent the past year being responsive only to its own needs. If you want to be a bit more harsh the timeline extends back to when Scott Walker drove away from Madison. I’m not sure I see how granting themselves more discretion to do absolutely nothing necessarily works to the advantage of those being represented. And working to our advantage is supposed to be the point of their existence.


  5. Owen

    So because we don’t like the legislature’s inaction and/or people in charge, we should accept the concentration of power into a single man – the governor?

    No thanks.

  6. Jason

    In this case I could invert the argument


    So because we don’t like the current leader, we should accept enabling 100 people to do the work?   Those same 100+ people who have done nothing since April?   Evers is a jackass for sure, but a single jackass is often times more effective at getting something done than a room full of jackasses.

  7. Mar

    “but a single jackass is often times more effective at getting something done than a room full of jackasses.”
    It depends on the jackass(s)
    And sometimes it is better to do nothing than do something that is totally wrong.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    Where are liberal elite cries of “fascist”?


  9. dad29

    Jason’s point is a good one.  Having 99 “managers” is the very best way to get NOTHING done.

    Evers is an idiot and the real governor, Gau, is an ideologue and a craven witch to boot.  But the money will get spent, largely for the benefit of all residents of Wisconsin.  Some part may go astray, of course.

    That wouldn’t be a first in Gummint, would it?

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    You want fascist, look no farther than the current occupant of the WH and his cadre of enablers and sycophants. And the 100+ US Reps and Senators that took this oath:

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”
    — U.S. Constitution, Article VI, clause 3

    You should all be demanding their resignation, and charging them with treason, sedition, or both…

  11. Mar

    And you say you are not a hateful person, sociopath.
    Hateful and uneducated is a very bad combination and you are both.

  12. dad29

    just disgust with those that support treasonous activities.

    You read the accurate accounts of Joe and Hunter??

  13. dad29

    OK, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy, we know you can copy and paste from CNN “news” stories.

    How many SC members voted positively on Dred Scott?

    Were they right, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy?

    How about all the Senators and Representatives who backed Lincoln after that decision was handed down?  Were THEY treasonous, LeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy?

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    Anything to take focus off your real fascist, Evers.

    I had no idea you were such a fascist supporting fanboy.

    Typical radical liberal.

  15. Mar

    Treasonous activities?
    You are too stupid to even know what that means.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry mar, but I know what it means, and understand it.  Here is the definition per US Code.  Have your dog read it to you.

    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    Trying to overturn a lawful election probably qualifies.  Ditto secession.

  17. Jason

    >Trying to overturn a lawful election probably qualifies.

    Who is doing that?

    >Ditto secession.

    And who is doing that?


  18. Le Roi du Nord

    You found bliss in your ignorance, eh j?

  19. Jason

    Your insulting and unoriginal answer is wholly expected and completely in character for you.  You have the emotional IQ of a young teenager.

  20. Le Roi du Nord


    So an insult bothers you ?  Wow, what a snowflake you are.  You like to give it out, but can’t take one.  Typical trumpite.

    BTW:  It wasn’t an insult, it was a statement of fact.

  21. dad29

    Lookie!!  Lookie!!  LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy can look stuff up in US Code.

    What’s US Code section dealing with “bribery”, LeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy??  How about 18 USC 201 & ffd for openers?  We can find more, all with Hunter Biden’s name on them.  And since Joe was NOT the VP for the last few years, guess what?  HE’S subject to those sections, too!!

  22. Jason

    Did I say I was “bothered” Leroy?   You sure act the Leroy part.  I bet you have a mullet and are missing some teeth.  As I said, childish reply, as expected.

  23. Mar

    Yep, sociopath, you really are stupid.

  24. Mar

    Did you get your law degree from Nickelodeon Jr. University, sociopath?
    And here, you claim you know a little bit about the law.
    You know nothing.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    Obviously you were bothered j, hence the childish response.  You whine about insults, but never fail to join in.  Amazing hypocrisy.

    BTW:  I have all my original teeth, minus the wisdom teeth, which no doubt you never had.  And I have never had long hair, not even when it was fashionable.  It’s always been high and tight.  I’ll leave the mullets for the trumpsters.

  26. Jason

    Ok Junior, if it makes you feel better.  You pathetic little man.

  27. Mar

    “BTW:  I have all my original teeth, minus the wisdom teeth”
    You lost whatever wisdom you had with your 4 remaining brain cells you have left.
    How does it feel to be wrong on every issue, sociopath?
    How does it feel to be dumber than dumbest person in the room, sociopath?
    How does it feel to be dumber than bleach blonde bimbos that hang out on Los Angeles beaches, sociopath?

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    Hey mar, what am I wrong about?

  29. Mar

    He hasn’t done anything illegal.
    He just filed lawsuits, which is perfectly legal.
    Even a 1st grader would know that.

  30. Jason

    Dumb shit hick is wrong about Secession too.

  31. Le Roi du Nord

    Got your heads stuck firmly in the sand, guys.  I can imagine how you guys would be screaming if any D did or said what trump and his merry crew of sycophants have been up to.  You guys are poster children for hypocrisy.

  32. Jason

    Wrong and hateful. You’re so simple Leroy.

  33. Mar

    So, you got nothing again, sociopath.
    You are wrong again, bigtime.
    You still have not pointed out anything treasonous.
    But you are so filled with hate, rage and lies, you will say anything to hurt President Trump.

  34. Le Roi du Nord

    What am I wrong about?

    Geez, you guys were terrible winners (but lost the popular vote), and even worse losers (lost the popular vote again  AND the electoral vote).  A correction was made by the voters.

  35. Mar

    Keep on lying and hating, sociopath, you just keep on showing what a disgusting and hateful person you are.
    And it was already pointed out where you are wrong.
    Perhaps your senility and mercury poisoning is giving you a bad day.

  36. Le Roi du Nord

    What’s the lie, mar?

    And I don’t hate anyone, not even you.  But I do feel sorry for you.  Keep looking on the bright side, maybe things will get better for you.  Enjoy the next 4 years !

  37. Mar

    Your lie and hatefulness has already pointed out.
    Maybe learn to read or come up with something original as an excuse for being stupid.
    “and even worse losers”
    And this coming from sociopath who never accepted the 2016 election results and cries like a little bitch everytime President Trump is mentioned here.
    When are you going to stop being so hateful and stop lying, sociopath?

  38. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, it hasn’t.  You just keep repeating the same old BS, hoping others as gullible as you will fall in line.  Like those fighting the 2020 election results, you keep making fact-free claims without a shred of evidence.  As they say, “birds of a feather….”.

  39. Mar

    “you keep making fact-free claims without a shred of evidence”
    Name one,sociopath.
    Show me the quote I made. Exact quote.
    Come on little boy.

  40. Jason

    >you keep making fact-free claims without a shred of evidence. 

    The only one with fact-free no evidence foolishness in this discussion has been you, little dummy.

    >Trying to overturn a lawful election probably qualifies.

    >Ditto secession.

    Both 100% fact free, with zero evidence.  And when questioned, you decided to be insulting and antagonistic – very much like a petulant little child scolded for not washing up for dinner.

  41. Le Roi du Nord


    That I lied on this thread, yet you refuse to say what the lie is.


    And you still have your noggin stuck firmly in the sand.  You really need to stay up-to-date on events taking place in the country in the last month.  Your lack of awareness isn’t my fault, but lies squarely on your shoulders.

  42. Jason

    You’re still 100% fact free bub.

  43. Mar

    “That I lied on this thread, yet you refuse to say what the lie is.”
    I already did,moron. Come up with something more original please.
    I’m still waiting for the apologies when you lied about what I said.
    It’s too bad you choose to be such a hateful POS, lie, and disrespect people here and in general a horrible person because it would be actually fun to debate a person on the isdues.
    But instead, you just troll and lie.
    I bet you are proud to be such a hateful lying troll.

  44. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, you didn’t.  I’ll debate you on the isdues any day. That will be fun.

    No j, it isn’t.

  45. Mar

    So, you got nothing but lies again as I already pointed out your lie.
    And I am still waiting for the quotes you said I said, you pathetic liar.

  46. Mar

    So you want to debate, great. Make a promise to never lie again here.

  47. Le Roi du Nord

    Ah, now you back away.  What isdues are you interested in?

  48. Mar

    What, you cannot make a simple promise not to lie again?

  49. Le Roi du Nord

    I’ll be glad to debate you on the idsues, but you keep moving the goal posts, and won’t identify what idsues you are concerned about.  Your move, mar.

  50. Mar

    So you are saying you are going to continue to lie.

  51. Mar

    “you keep making fact-free claims without a shred of evidence”
    Maybe when you show me where I said this and promise not to lie again, we can have a decent conversation.
    But I think you just want to continue to be a hateful lying person.

  52. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I didn’t say that.  I didn’t lie, so how can I “continue”?

    I didn’t say that you said that,  I was stating a fact.  And we will never have a “decent conversation” if you continue to use the words, stupid, sociopath, liar, moron, idiot, etc. regarding folks that disagree with you.

    And no, mar, I don’t hate anyone, not even you.

  53. Mar

    I quoted you dumbass. You cannot even lie good.
    And then there is this: “You just keep repeating the same old BS, hoping others as gullible as you will fall in line”
    Again show me where I have done that.
    I know as long as you lie, are hateful ( people who lie about other people are hateful and also falsely accuse people of treason are hateful people), we can never have a decent conversation.
    I don’t call everyone names, just lying, hateful moronic people like yourself.

  54. Mar

    The fact you refuse to say you won’t lie really says you are just a troll.

  55. Le Roi du Nord

    Where did I say that, mar?

    And what makes me a “troll”, and not you?  You make all sorts of false claims, provide no proof, yet continue to spin your blather relatively unimpeded by reality.  So why do you feel so empowered to continue on? In a little more than a month your role model will be out of office, and begging President Biden to pardon him and his family of profiteers.

  56. Mar

    Again, I quoted you, troll
    So, you will continue to lie and act like an asshole.
    Such a hateful, disgusting POS.

  57. Le Roi du Nord

    Geez mar, you can’t even keep track of all the nonsense claims you make.  I’d have better luck conversing with a large chunk of basalt.

  58. Jason

    No you would lose there too dummy.

  59. Mar

    So, you just admitted you lied and made things up about me
    What apathetic human being you are.
    And don’t say you don’t hate me. People who intentionally lie about another person are hateful people.
    And this is why you are a sociopath.

  60. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I didn’t.

    And I still don’t hate you.  I pity you, but no hate.

  61. Mar

    Nope, you hate, otherwise you would not lie about me.
    But since you cannot find any quotes from me, you admit that you lied by default.
    Nice try liar, troll and hater.

  62. Le Roi du Nord

    It isn’t lying if it is true.

    No, you can’t lie by default.  That is just about the silliest thing you have said recently.

    And what makes me a “troll” and not you?  At least I have something to say, you just keep on saying the same thing over, and over, and over………

  63. Mar

    You made an accusation about me.
    It was false.
    You refused to provide evidence of your accusation.
    You lied.
    And you are a troll. Almost everything you write is a lie.
    On the other hand, I don’t lie, offer my opinions on variety of subjects and I don’t make false accusations against other people here.
    You are just a hateful, disgusting, vile person.

  64. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, wrong on all counts, something we have all come to expect from you.  And we weren’t disappointed.

    PS:  I don’t hate you.  But I do pity you.

  65. Mar

    So, sociopath, the quotes I used were not yours?
    Umm, ok.
    Lying POS.
    And yes, when you lie to me and about me, that shows you are just a hateful person.

  66. Jason

    > we have all come to expect from you.  And we weren’t disappointed.

    Who is this “we” you’re talking about?  I’m quite sure you’re very much in a minor minority on your statement.  But don’t let facts or evidence stand in your way, you’re really on a roll with your stupidity the past few days.

  67. Jason

    Saggybottom Leroy hasn’t been seen since he got roasted on Wednesday.  He’s hoping we’ll all forget his idiocy.  Haha

  68. Mar


  69. Mar

    Oh, look, the sociopath is back and still is a liar.
    When are you going to apologize for lying about me, asswipe?

  70. Le Roi du Nord

    Yes, I’m baaaaack.  And still not a liar.

    No comment from you on the treasonous behavior by flynn?  Not very patriotic of you.

  71. Mar

    Ok, sociopath, I stand corrected
    Your just a hateful, disrespectful, mean, uneducated, senile, victim of mercury poisoning asshole who tells falsehoods about other people.
    There, I think that covers it.

  72. Mar

    I should have also said that you are delusional if you think you were missed,you sociopathic troll.

  73. Le Roi du Nord

    Having a rough day, eh mar?  You really should seek help.

  74. Mar

    Spoken like a true troll.

  75. Le Roi du Nord

    How so, mar.  As I have asked repeatedly, what makes me a “troll”, and not you?  The fact that you use pretty vile language?  That you only have several canned responses?  That you are at war with reality?  You OD’d on HCQ?

    What is the difference?

  76. Mar

    I use vile language towards you because you are a very vile and hateful person.
    Canned responses, sorry asswipe, that’s you.
    And I already told you the difference but you are too much of a troll to actually read it.

  77. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, mar.  Anybody that knows me knows I don’t use vile language, nor am I a hateful person.  But since you don’t know me whatsoever, you think you get a pass.  A wise man once said this about folks like you, “Often wrong, never uncertain”.

    And no, you never explained why you consider me a troll, but you aren’t.  Is it because you can’t, or are afraid?

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