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2044, 23 Nov 20

Big Auto Stitches with Big Government

And screws consumers in the rest of America in the process. Aren’t you glad that you are still paying the bill to bail them out from 2008/9?

DETROIT (AP) — General Motors is switching sides in the legal fight against California’s right to set its own clean-air standards, abandoning the Trump administration as the president’s term nears its close.

CEO Mary Barra said in a letter Monday to environmental groups that GM will no longer support the Trump administration in its defense against a lawsuit over its efforts against California’s standards. And GM is urging other automakers to do the same.

The move is a sign that GM and other automakers are anticipating big changes when President-elect Joe Biden takes office in January. Already at least one other large automaker, Toyota, said it may join GM in switching to California’s team.


2044, 23 November 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful. Just awful.

  2. dad29

    SOP for any oligopoly-member:  always, always, always, please your Masters.

    I could say the GM has no balls, but I don’t have to.  Look at the CEO.

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