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0735, 16 Nov 20

Another Possible COVID-19 Vaccine

Great news.

A new vaccine that protects against Covid-19 is nearly 95% effective, early data from US company Moderna shows.

The results come hot on the heels of similar results from Pfizer, and add to growing confidence that vaccines can help end the pandemic.

Both companies used a highly innovative and experimental approach to designing their vaccines.

Moderna says it is a “great day” and they plan to apply for approval to use the vaccine in the next few weeks.

However, this is still early data and key questions remain unanswered.



0735, 16 November 2020


  1. steveegg

    I note that, other than the propaganda bit out of Russia a couple months back, all of the good news on vaccine candidates I’ve seen involve private American companies.

  2. Mar

    Big Pharma strikes again. I wonder where all the pharmaceuticals hater out there now?
    And thank you President Trump to get the ball rolling and helping getting the vaccines ready in an extremely fast manner.

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