Anti-Cop Portland Commissioner Calls 911 Over Dispute with Lyft Driver


Portland City Commissioner who is currently pushing to carry out a $18million cut to the city’s police department and said most 911 calls are unnecessary called the cops on her Lyft driver earlier this month following a dispute about an open window.

Jo Ann Hardesty was allegedly angered when the driver, Richmond Frost, refused to roll the windows up, despite it being recommended policy from the company to keep them down due to the coronavirus.

It followed annoyance over a mix-up about where she was being picked up, all culminating in the driver cancelling the ride and saying Hardesty could find another car.

He attempted to leave the commissioner at a Chevron gas station but she refused to leave the vehicle and placed the call to the cops.

Frost also made a 911 call and officers were forced to arrive at the gas station shortly before 10pm, in spite of the fact that Hardesty has argued that many 911 calls are unnecessary and a police response often not needed, according to the Portland Tribune.

3 Responses to Anti-Cop Portland Commissioner Calls 911 Over Dispute with Lyft Driver

  1. Avatar Jason says:

    Hahaha, what a turd of a human.

  2. Avatar Mar says:

    What a Karen.

  3. Avatar Kevin Scheunemann says:

    City official should be fined for being despicable human being.

    Any denouncement from you for this anti-cop behavior, Nord?

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