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2011, 08 Nov 20

City of West Bend Budget Public Hearing Tomorrow

In a year that was pretty bad financially for a lot of people, the City of West Bend Common Council is looking to pass a 5% property tax levy increase to help cover pay increases and shrink the employee contributions for health insurance.

Some of the pay increases already enacted this year were a $12,124 (11%) increase for the police chief and a $12,642 (12%) increase for the fire chief. The new budget has across the board pay increases and seeks to cover a big increase in health insurance costs while also decreasing the percentage that employees pay for it. A Common Council dominated by former public employees seems intent on shoving taxpayer money into the pockets of government employees as quickly as possible.

The public hearing is tomorrow at 6:30 in the City of West Bend Common Council chambers. Show up and be heard.



2011, 08 November 2020


  1. Mar

    Those are some pretty big increases for the chiefs.
    Did they get additional duties?
    Did they get additional territory to cover?
    Or did they kiss someone’s butt?

  2. Owen

    I don’t know. I see it in the numbers, but I don’t remember any discussion or justification.

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