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1816, 01 Nov 20

“travelling across the nation”

I love how the BBC characterizes the candidates as barnstorming across the country when only one of them is actually doing it. Biden just wandered next door.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are travelling across the nation on Sunday as the US election enters its closing stage.

President Trump planned to visit five battleground states while his challenger Mr Biden spoke at a campaign event in Pennsylvania.


1816, 01 November 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    BBC is just hack liberal bias.


  2. Mar

    So Senile Joe says this”“I know Philadelphia well,” the former vice president told the crowd at a drive-in rally in a church parking lot. “I married a Philly girl by the way and by the way got my Eagle’s jacket on.”
    But Biden’s parka bore the logo of the University of Delaware Blue Hens — where he received his bachelor’s degree.”
    Well, at least he didn’t threaten to beat up Santa Claus.
    I graduated from UW-Madison. I would never confuse the Badger with a Wolverine.

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