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0719, 13 Oct 20

Actions matter

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Note that I wrote this before the judge ruled in favor of letting Evers continue with perpetual emergency orders. Here’s a part:

In my column last week explaining why I will be unreservedly voting for President Trump, I reiterated the old axiom that actions matter more than words. One might further truncate that statement to just “actions matter.” The Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature should take note.


When Evers issued his mask order, the Republicans issued scathing press releases and did nothing. The mask order was politically popular and rarely enforced in Republican areas, so several Republican legislators decided to sacrifice good government to political convenience.

Now Evers has ordered restaurants and bars to limit capacity to 25%. This will be the death knell to numerous small-business owners who will not survive another forced restraint of their trade. Again, legislative Republicans are issuing stirring press releases, but they are doing nothing. Fearful of political retribution in a few Assembly swing districts, Republicans have ceded their power to the governor. If they are unwilling to use the power granted to them by their supporters when it is needed most, then their supporters should look for someone who will.


0719, 13 October 2020


  1. dad29

    Not that I’m a cynic, but Fitzgerald had no more interest in freedom than does Vos.  Fitzgerald got a “free kick” on this one; he could talk all day about Eeeeeeeeeeeeevil Tony Tin-Pot but not have to worry about taking a vote.

    Alberta Darling gives him orders, and he damn well better take ’em.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Inaction matters as well

  3. Pat

    I bet a lot of conservatives like Fitz enough to send him to Washington.

  4. Mar

    As opposed to Tom Palzewicz, sure.

  5. steveegg

    Fitz checked out sometime before he won the primary.  Vos wants these powers in just over 2 years.

  6. Merlin

    There’s been a slow leak somewhere in that puffed up peacock for awhile now. Might be thoroughly deflated in another two years.

  7. Mike

    I thought the legislature acted when they limited the governor’s emergency declarations to 60 days. The AG should now be responding to the governor’s lawless approach just like Chisolm did with Walker.

  8. Jason

    Hahaha, Evers is getting blocked by regular judges now.  It’s clear that he’s not capable of following the law.  Typical lifelong education bureaucrat.    He’s making his very own recall easier and easier.


  9. Mar

    Te Tavern League took a play out of the liberal playbook. They judge shopped and got a favorable ruling.
    Just like the liberals do on the federal level.

  10. Tuerqas

    If this is something that liberals and conservatives can actually agree on, why are there nothing but Democrats and Republicans in office?  The vast majority of them live on doing nothing, though in a very talk heavy fashion.

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