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0712, 09 Oct 20

About that Lincoln SCOTUS Nominee…

Heh. I always love learning a little history.

Well, according to a report from The Washington Post on Thursday, Harris did not accurately describe what took place under Lincoln when filling the vacant seat of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney.

“Harris is correct that a seat became available 27 days before the election. And that Lincoln didn’t nominate anyone until after he won,” the Post wrote. “But there is no evidence he thought the seat should be filled by the winner of the election. In fact, he had other motives for the delay.”

According to Lincoln historian Michael Burlingame, Lincoln told his aides he wanted to delay his Supreme Court confirmation process because he was “waiting to receive expressions of public opinion from the country,” though the Post noted, “that didn’t mean he was waiting for ballots so much as the mail.”

“The overarching effect of the delay is that it held Lincoln’s broad but shaky coalition of conservative and radical Republicans together,” the Post explained. “Congress was in recess until early December, so there would have been no point in naming a man before the election anyway. Lincoln shrewdly used that to his advantage. If he had lost the election, there is no evidence he wouldn’t have filled the spot in the lame-duck session.”

The Post concluded, “So Harris is mistaken about Lincoln’s motivations in this regard.”


0712, 09 October 2020


  1. Mar

    Senator Harris has shown she is not the brightest bulb in the bunch.
    If she had not screwed Willie Brown, where would she be now?
    She shows she will say or screw anyone to get ahead.

  2. Jason

    >She shows she will say or screw anyone to get ahead.

    Are you thinking she would pick Bill Clinton as her running mate if she ever got the DNC to make her their candidate for Pres?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Where is her “pants on fire” Politifact?

    Oh, I forgot, communist Politifact only checks Conservatives…my bad.


  4. Mar

    Funny, jjf, they didn’t give her Harris’s lie a grade, like, Suit pants on fire.

  5. Mar

    Well, it looks like Kamala Harris is a pretty big liar.

  6. Jason

    >Doctor Mar

    Why not behave yourself, set an example for others? You get a particular tingly thrill from insulting other people? Makes you feel powerful?

  7. jjf

    Would you like to agree to behave, Jason?  You’ll stop the doxxing and the insults and the swearing?  And I’ll stop calling Mar “Doctor Mar”?

  8. Jason

    You negotiate just like Krazy Nancy.

  9. Mar

    I like Doctor Mar.

  10. jjf

    No, Mar.  I’m sorry.  Jason is in charge of feeling for you and he said “no.”

    All he has to do is say “no” and then you have to do what he says, regardless of what he’s doing himself at the moment.

    Also, he doesn’t have to explain his feelings.  He’s still quite upset about some blog he read once, but he hasn’t explained why he’s upset.

  11. Jason

    Pointing out your childish hypocrisy is not being upset or anything to do with feelings. You want to beg me to be nicer, again?

  12. jjf

    Wait, are you offering a mutual truce?  Common agreement on what constitutes proper behavior here?  I’m all ears.

    You’d like a personal apology for something that happened on the Internet in the past that hurt your feelings?  I’m all ears.  Tell me how you were wronged.

    Mar said he likes “Doctor Mar.”  Why are you in charge of whether I can say that?

  13. Jason

    I never said you could or couldn’t say that. I pointed out your blatant hypocrisy when you cry about my being mean and foul language, and then you insult others. Want to show yourself on the doll how that hurts your own feelings? Poor baby Foust…

  14. jjf

    You avoided all of my questions.  Why?  Are the topics too difficult to face?

  15. Jason

    Nah nah boo boo, you avoid all the time. Show us on the doll how that hurts your feelings.

  16. jjf

    But you’re better than me, right?  You don’t avoid questions!  You don’t want to behave better, if it means I would, too?

  17. Jason

    Of course I’m better than you, I’m still married, no divorces in my past.

  18. jjf

    I bet you say that to all the boys, Jason.

  19. Jason

    So you’re homophobic too?

  20. jjf

    “Too”?  You mean you’re homophobic?  Heck no, not me!

    But seriously, do you tell all your divorced friends and acquaintances that you’re better than them?

    Kevin, we’ve got the answer to John 8:7…  it’s Jason!

  21. Jason

    >”Too”? You mean you’re homophobic? Heck no, not me!

    I can see how someone of your low intellect would be confused. I meant “too” as in addition to all your other issues.

    >But seriously, do you tell all your divorced friends and acquaintances that you’re better than them?

    If they were to ask the way you did, I sure would.

  22. jjf

    Jason, it’s not funny if I have to explain the joke.  Your “too” can be taken both ways, right?  Go on, tell me why you thought I was homophobic.

    And tell me why you’re better than all the divorced people out there.  About half of them do, right?

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