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0754, 25 Sep 20

Support for BLM Riots Falls

When protests turn into rioting and wanton criminal violence, it’s going to turn a few people off. Americans have a very long history of protests – even boisterous protests. We love them. What we don’t love is people burning down our towns, accosting us in our cars and restaurants, and shooting cops.

Support for Black Lives Matter protests is falling across the country after months of unrest that has seen people killed, shops burned, and frequent clashes between activists and police.

A new poll shows that just 39 per cent of Americans now approve of the protests, down from 54 per cent in June, while 44 per cent of now disapprove of them.

University of Michigan political scientist Christian Davenport put the change down to ‘compassion fatigue’, as outrage over videos such as the one of George Floyd has faded, with people now wanting a return to their everyday lives.

The shift also appears to have been driven by perceptions of violence, with almost a third of Americans saying the protest are now ‘mostly or always violent’, up from 22 per cent three months ago.

Meanwhile the number of people who said the protests were ‘always peaceful’ fell from 27 per cent to 23 per cent, and the number who said they were ‘sometimes violent’ also fell, from 51 per cent to 47 per cent now.


0754, 25 September 2020


  1. Jason

    Seems like the fanbase – the portion of the population with lower IQ – are finally seeing through the hypocrisy and lies from that organization.


  2. Mar

    “Meanwhile the number of people who said the protests were ‘always peaceful’ fell from 27 per cent to 23 per cent”
    23% represents the uneducated Biden voters.
    They also believe in unicorns, pixie dust and that Joe Biden is not senile.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord is sad.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    No k, I’m a pretty happy and optimistic guy. You are making stuff up again.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Will you cheer the decline in support for criminal riots?

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    I cheer the decline in support for our current wannabe dictator in the WH.

  7. Mark Hoefert

    At Leroy: I cheer the decline in support for our wannabe dictator 

    I noticed that too, over at Real Clear Politics.  Biden’s  blue “down arrow” trending on RCP National Average & Top Battlegrounds charts.

    Personally I do not put a lot of faith in polls or Biden’s ability to be an effective President or dictator.  It will have to be done by DNC operatives.


  8. Mar

    Hateful Le Roi strikes again.

  9. Jason

    >Biden’s ability to be an effective President or dictator. It will have to be done by DNC operatives.

    Both he and his chosen VP have told the entire world what their administration will really be… both, on the same day, referred to their possible administration as the Harris-Biden Administration. That is 100% fact and I am confident that is how it will be. This coming debate on Tuesday will be very interesting… or if you’re a Biden fan, just look at Pelosi’s rubber face when she’s asked about it…

  10. Kevin Scheunemann

    SO you will NOT cheer the decline for support of criminals here?

    You are NOT pro-law enforcement, SO QUIT ADVOCATUNG THAT AWFUL FRAUD.

  11. Le Roi du Nord


    I don’t need to brag about my support for law enforcement on a blog. If bragging on B&S makes you feel more manly, go for it.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann

    So you are sad BLM riot support is declining.

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