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1053, 23 Sep 20

Bernie Sanders Launches Effort to Delegitimize Election

Here we go.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is planning to mount an aggressive campaign to counter potential attempts by President Donald Trump to delegitimize the results of the November election, warning that Democrats and Republicans alike must do “everything that we can to prevent that from happening.”

In a phone interview on Monday evening, Sanders said he would spend the next six weeks urging the country to prepare for a “nightmare scenario” in which Trump declares himself the winner of the election and refuses to step down even if he loses.

Notice that the only “acceptable” and “legitimate” outcome of the election is a Biden win. Anything else is being characterized as a Trump usurpation. And watch the media go right along with that characterization. People like Bernie are working hard to portray any Trump win as invalid and in doing so are undermining our Republic.


1053, 23 September 2020


  1. jjf

    Notice that the only “acceptable” and “legitimate” outcome of the election is a Biden win. Anything else is being characterized as a Trump usurpation.

    Wow, did you read the same article I did?  I don’t even see those words in there, much less that conclusion.

    And you’d need to skip over all the repeated language that talks of Trump doing something illegal to declare victory.

    What does “delegitimize the results” mean to you?

    Or skip the part where Bernie said “And what this speech is going to be about is whether or not the United States of America will continue to be a democracy and a nation ruled by law and our Constitution.”  You disagree?


  2. Tuerqas

    Jjf, first you have to actually give credence to the idea that a Presidential election can be ‘stolen’.  That is something most liberals have scoffed at for decades as they are consistently accused of fake lists, false addresses and dead people on their ‘get out the vote’ drives every single election in many states.  So you do now believe that an election can be influenced by fraud of some sort?

    You can certainly gainsay this in the future, but I am going to have to put you in the pro-fraud category from this point forward, yes?  Willing to listen to accusations from both sides?

    Next you have to believe that it would be possible that a losing  incumbent could somehow stay in power even if the election is lost, or that all those evil Republicans (much less Independents) would stand for a President who forcibly keeps power against the voting results.

    I believe there is small but wide scale fraud by both sides and has been since James Madison (there is no real evidence or accusation of fraud prior to the first 3 Presidents, but it has been an integral part of our election process for over 200 years).  And I believe that our Government is wholly corrupt from at least the State level and higher, but I have been considered an outsider, conspiracy theorist and Libertarian my entire teen and adult life.  And even I think we are still multiple decades away from a Fascist takeover of the US (and yes, any takeover of the Presidency outside the legal vote would clearly be a move out of Democracy and into Fascism).

    Bernie Sanders is just a small part of the Democratic machine campaign to sow fear and hatred.  Covid, ‘peace’ marches (again) and riots (again), scary accusations of Trump keeping power against the will of the majority (Read Democrats) are all just part of the normal Democratic election campaign.  One side always primarily uses fear tactics, we’ll call them the Giant Douche party as, like women, they are more affected by external fear than men on average.  The other side specializes in ridicule and rationalization as a primary vehicle for electioneering.  They could talk themselves into eating shit to avoid the crazy fears of their adversaries, very macho and male-like.  Why don’t we call them the Turd Sandwich party?

    Wait, this is starting to sound familiar…

    The moral of the story is, I don’t need Bernie Sanders to come out and say any Trump win was clearly rigged to know that he is both setting the stage to make that exact claim later and using it now to whip up his fear loving base to vote.  If Owen jumped the gun on ‘facts’ it is only because the game has been played so many times, many people know the outcome already (Don’t you?  Or is this still somehow new and shiny to you?).  Trump is setting his stage as well so in a very close election he might pull a Bush2000.  You really think he has the savvy and pull to take us into fascism?  I don’t, therefore I believe Bernie is blowing smoke up people’s ass to see if anyone thrills to it.

  3. Merlin

    Seems the NYT article fails to mention the Democrat lawyer army retained to challenge swing state losses with the intent to delay, delay, and further delay the electoral college electors from casting their votes.

    Yes, Republicans have a quite legal remedy should Democrats actually pursue the delay-by-challenge scenarios. One will trigger the other.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Clueless as usual.

  5. Mar

    Too bad jjf and Le Roi still have not accepted the results of the 2016 elections.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, mar. I accepted the results of the 2016 election in Nov. 2016. I didn’t like it, but I accepted it.

    Doesn’t being wrong all the time wear on you?

  7. Mar

    So, you just hate President Trump just for the heck of it?
    It would wear on me if I had to lie to make my point like you do, but I admit when I am wrong when I was wrong, unlike you Le Roi.

  8. jjf

    Tuerqas, do you listen to Trump?  Should we believe anything he says, or by now should we know he won’t tell the truth and also won’t tell us what he and his henchmen have up their sleeves?

    “Get rid of the ballots,” he said yesterday.  He just misspoke!  He doesn’t mean that!  Look at the broader context of what he said… you know, where he says the Dems are the only ones doing engaging in fraud.

    Oh, you know the outcome?  Tell us.  Thrill me.

  9. Jason

    >Oh, you know the outcome?  Tell us.  Thrill me.

    He doesn’t understand your statement Tuerqas … he really doesn’t!  Haha

  10. Mar

    jjf, do you listen to Senile Joe?
    And you do you think he is 100% mentally fit?
    If not, what percentage has his mind declined?
    Where is your line when it comes to his mental decline?

  11. Tuerqas

    Jjf, in order of your three questions:

    Nope, just a few snippets here and there or when reading about a specific incident.

    We should believe Trumpster’s words and his henchmen’s tricks fully as much as the carefully taped words of Joe Biden or the live speeches of the less senile Colonel Bernie Sanders and their sycophants.

    Regardless of who gets the majority of votes the other side is ready to cry foul with a hearty “I told you so!”.  Even a landslide either way won’t prevent the narrative of Trump election interference or Democrat fraud from the loser.  It is the same old thing on that and most other topics every election year, just like the peace marches will fade away until the next elections.  They are run by Democratic Party paid organizers.  When the paid help leaves the marches will end.

  12. jjf

    T, you left out your prediction.  You know the outcome?  Apart from the usual “we was robbed” from the losers?


  13. Tuerqas

    Apart from the usual “we was robbed” from the losers?

    That is the outcome of which I and Owen spoke.  What were you thinking, that I was predicting the election outcome?  Oh, Jason was right.  Neither Owen nor I were attempting to predict the election.  I was simply speaking of the outcome aftermath.  Bernie is not spouting anything new, no evidence of Trump Democracy betrayals. He will give his speech(es) on Trump being ever more demonic(metaphorically and non-denominationally, of course) and how he will subvert Democracy itself to keep his office sowing fear and suspicion as only a politician can.  Then, if Trump wins he will say I told you so.  If Biden wins, Trump will say I told you that mail in votes were too easily made fraudulent.  Look at the post again.  That is all Sander’s speech is and is ever going to be, a dire prediction to be hauled out if Dems lose, or conveniently and totally forgotten if they win.

  14. Tuerqas

    But if you want it, sure I have a prediction:  Trump with 54-56% of the vote.

    I have some clout with my circle of friends and I can usually get commitments to vote Libertarian.  This year more than a few, including my own wife, have said they would vote Trump.  It augurs a feeling in me that more people than we think don’t believe Biden is going to be capable, certainly not for four years.

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    What was the lie, mar? You never answer that, ever.

  16. Jason

    > You never answer that, ever.

    Speaking of not answering…. you’re working hard at hiding.

  17. Mar

    Pathological Liar Le Roi, I call you out every time you lie.
    Many, many, times.
    Even jjf is tired of your lying.
    It makes him look bad, which granted, isn’t hard to do.

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    What’s the matter mar, afraid to answer, or can’t come up with some juvenile response?

  19. Tuerqas

    Tsk, tsk Le Roi, you should know by now that no one here lacks for juvenile responses!!!

  20. Le Roi du Nord

    True.  But some make it their signature response.

  21. Tuerqas

    And you really want to hear them even more than you do?  Masochist.

  22. Mar

    That you don’t hate President Trump.

  23. Le Roi du Nord

    No, I don’t need to hear more of that sort of response.  Being an optimist, and believing in the ability of everyone to learn something new and improve themselves, I hope that those folks grow past the petty and juvenile taunts.  So far most haven’t.

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