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0635, 22 Sep 20

Evers wants to extend illegal mask mandate

My column for the Washington County Daily News in online and in print. When it comes to the mask mandate, Governor Evers is wrong on the law and wrong on the science.

Governor Tony Evers’ illegal order that all Wisconsinites wear face masks is set to expire on September 28 and he covets an extension of his despotic rule. Any extension of the order would not only be the third intentionally illegal power grab by the governor through emergency declarations, but it would be an admission that his actions are not rooted in science or data. Evers’ emergency orders are about power — not people.


If you think that a governor creating a permanent state of emergency where he issues arbitrary orders at his sole discretion is an acceptable way to govern, then the governor should at least be able to explain why the order is necessary and will work. The evidence is clear that the current mask mandate has not had any impact on the spread of coronavirus.


0635, 22 September 2020

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  1. penquin

    It’s not his “sole discretion” – The Assembly & State Senate can revoke the mask mandate (or any emergency order issued by the governor) anytime they choose to do so.

    However, Vos&Fitzgerald won’t allow such a measure to even be discussed, let alone voted on. Have you called your state rep and/or state senator to ask them to end their vacation & to do their job? If so, what did they say?

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