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0744, 21 Sep 20

Democrats Will Overreach

I wrote this in February of 2017.

The Democrats have already reflexively announced their opposition to Gorsuch, even though their criticisms have failed to rise to any cogent standard. Wisconsin’s own Senator Tammy Baldwin has even refused to meet with Gorsuch, thus abdicating her role in the process and retreating behind nasty press releases and daft commentary.

Far be it from me to advise the Democrats, but their overreach on Gorsuch may neuter them further on future picks. Remember that former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid killed the filibuster rule for all but Supreme Court picks in his effort to ram through President Obama’s lower court appointments, but left it in place for Supreme Court appointments. In doing so, Reid laid the ideological groundwork and precedent for killing the filibuster rule for Supreme Court picks too.

If the Democrats in the U.S. Senate choose to filibuster and obstruct what is clearly a brilliantly qualified choice for the Supreme Court, the Republicans can rescind the filibuster rule for Supreme Court picks too and confirm the appointment without needing to make a single concession to the minority party. The Democrats’ intransigence and unwillingness to even participate in the process, and the precedent already established by Harry Reid, will provide ample political cover for the change in rules.

Then, if and when Trump gets another opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice, the rules will already be set to allow an easy confirmation. If the Democrats participate and allow a vote – even if all of them vote against the nominee – they will likely preserve the filibuster for future Supreme Court nominations while undercutting the political justification to rescind it next time.

If the political battles of the past few years in Wisconsin have taught me anything, it is that Democrats will overreach. Their base of radicals demands unbending fealty to ideology – even at the expense of victory.

As it turned out, McConnell did end the filibuster for SCOTUS confirmations over the Gorsuch fight and here we are. Then the Democrats hardened once “play nice” Senators like Graham during their atrocious behavior in the Kavanaugh hearing. Again, I expect the Democrats to overreach again here.

Through all of this I continue to lament that we attach so much importance to a single judge; on a 9-judge panel; in one branch of our federal government. It shows how much power we have ceded to the federal government and, specifically, the Supreme Court. Do you know why judge appointments were mostly a non-event outside of Washington for well over a century of our nation’s history? Because it didn’t impact the lives of most Americans. That’s not the case anymore and our Republic is worse for it.


0744, 21 September 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Excellent dig from the liberals memory hole!

    The libs ebded the fillibuster for nomination and now they bitch at the consequence!

    It will be the same if they stack the court.

    Liberals are awful. Just awful.

  2. Merlin

    The stars are not aligning in favor of Democrats. Not even a little bit.

    There are debates on the near horizon and China Joe is in full decline. Kamala on her own is not being received any better by Dem voters than she was before she quit the primary race, which is to say not at all. Saying the Democrats have an enthusiasm problem is quite an understatement. Meanwhile Trump and Pence are appearing everywhere to pretty significant crowds. Not a good look for Biden/Harris.

    Cocaine Mitch is set to ram another SC nominee through the Senate and the next President is likely to have two more nominations in his first term. If that’s Trump there’s a possibility of a 7-2 makeup of the Supreme Court by 2024.

    Barr, Durham, and Co. are very close to announcing Obamagate indictments. So close that Dems are squealing about impeaching William Barr as if prosecuting crimes is a crime itself. Congress is also prepping 15+ Obamagate-related referrals to DoJ for prosecution. If these indictments drop before the election the resulting media shit storm of obfuscation will be the only story running 24/7.

    Democrats overreached long ago.


  3. dad29

    squealing about impeaching William Barr

    And, recently, Trump………again.

    Time to be cleaning the guns because when the election is over and Trump has 37 States (over/under line is 35), Jiffy and Sharp-Shooter/Concrete Finisher/Clerk-Typist extraordinaire LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy will be revolting.

    Well, yes, they’re revolting already, OK.

  4. jjf

    And Dad29 fantasizes about shooting people again.  Do you reveal this in the confessional?  What does the priest say about these daydreams?

    And again runs to ridiculing Le Roi for whatever personal detail he’s accumulated in his doxxing file.

    Gotta remember those personal details and use them for ridicule, right-o?

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    dud can attempt to ridicule all he wants, he is a rookie.  Deep down inside his narrow-minded and miserly carcass he is jealous of the skills and experience I obtained in a lifetime of experience, adventure, and education.

  6. Jason

    >What does the priest say about these daydreams?

    I don’t know any priests that would worry about a person keeping their guns clean. Every priest I know would be more worried about people supporting the murder of unborn children. Do you know any that would approve of abortion?

  7. jjf

    Jason, are you a mobile DJ?

  8. jjf

    Do the gleeful musings of Democrats sound any less power-hungry than what you heard from Fitz and Vos, or from McConnell?

  9. Jason

    >Jason, are you a mobile DJ?

    Sorry, I don’t know anyone that will play at a Furry Neckbeard party. Good luck!

  10. dad29

    skills and experience I obtained in a lifetime of experience, adventure, and education.

    The troll brags a lot.

  11. jjf

    Jason, I thought you said you were in the entertainment business.  In Wisconsin?

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    It isn’t bragging if it is true. Unlike the current occupant of the WH.

  13. Jason

    No Jiffy, I’ve said many times that your stupidity is entertaining to me. If you’re really looking for a DJ, Leroy is happy to call your ilk “clientele”. With his north woods experience I’m sure he will agree you have a pretty mouth framed in that neck beard.

  14. jjf

    Jason, so you don’t want to tell me what you do for a living?  Your areas of expertise?  Or if you have a beard, and closely it is trimmed?

  15. Mar

    jjf, why don’t you tell us why we cannot see your blog anymore?

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