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0727, 17 Aug 20

Wisconsin Ranks Last in Racial Equality in Education

Let’s be honest… this is roughly 96% the failure of Milwaukee Public Schools. At this point, we are doing more harm than good keeping that district operating.

(The Center Square) – Wisconsin came in lowest in a new study by the WalletHub website that examines equality between white and black students in educational progress among the 50 states, based on six key dimensions.

Wisconsin earned a total score of 13.44 in the study by the personal finances website, with the maximum score being 100. The key educational dimensions in terms of differences between blacks and whites are the share of adults with at least a high school diploma, share of adults with at least a four-year degree, standardized test scores, mean SAT score, average ACT score and public high school graduation rate.


0727, 17 August 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    96%? Try 99%.

    Liberals are racist by backing MPS.

  2. Owen

    I was saving a little room for Racine Unified.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Good point.

  4. dad29

    Wait, wait!!  Madistan wants to get into play here!!

  5. Merlin

    I’ll bet Wisconsin ranks near the top of states with useless trollies.

  6. Mar

    This is a BS study.
    First, it only compares the differences between Black and White students. Not Hispanic, Asian, Indian etc. Then the claim that White dominated school districts got $23 billion more than Black dominated school districts. Well, there are far more White Districts than Black Districts. So, right off the bat, their study is flawed.
    Then, there are different standards in determining who is a drop out, who graduates.
    Getting a Bachelor’s degree has nothing to do with racial disparity in high school.
    Finally, notice how the top states have very few Black people in their states?

  7. Mar

    Having said that, is there racial disparity in schools.
    Sure and there are many reasons.
    Union contracts allows the best teachers to work in the easiest schools and newcomers to teaching get the hardest schools.
    Black school districts are in predominantly liberal areas of the country and the districts and for the most part, the liberal areas care more about social justice than teaching actual education basics which occurs in mostly conservative school districts.
    And funding is not really an issue. That’s a fake argument.

  8. jjf

    Merlin, around here we spell it “trolley.”

  9. Jason


    plural trolleys also trollies


    For being a Neck Beard, you make it easier than normal.

  10. jjf

    I can explain the “around here” if you like.

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