The Weed Worries the Heart

Huh. Who would have thought that lighting a plant on fire and inhaling the smoke might cause health problems? Where have we seen that before?

Cannabis is bad for the heart and may trigger heart attacks and strokes, doctors have warned.

The American Heart Association (AHA), who reviewed the available evidence, now recommend avoiding cannabis to protect the heart.

In a scientific statement, it said smoking cannabis has some of the same harms as tobacco, which is known to be a leading cause of death worldwide.

Research has shown the recreational drug may have health benefits — but smoking cannabis has been linked with a slew of damaging heart problems.

Chemicals inside the drug can cause heart rhythm abnormalities within an hour of smoking, studies show.

The toxins can alter blood pressure, heart rate and trigger inflammation, all of which are underlying culprits of heart disease and strokes.

The AHA warning applied to people who use the drug recreationally, as well as and for medicinal purposes.