Protests in Louisville

Hey, look at that… multiple groups of armed Americans peacefully protesting. Who da thunk?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Hundreds of armed, predominantly Black, activists demanded justice for Breonna Taylor during peaceful demonstrations Saturday in her Kentucky hometown that drew counter-protesters from a white militia group.

Police closed streets and set up barricades to keep the two groups apart as tensions remained on edge in Louisville, where protests have flared for months over the death of Taylor, a Black woman killed when police busted into her apartment in March.

By the time Black activists dressed in black fatigues arrived in the heart of downtown Saturday afternoon, most of the white militia members had already left. Police in full riot geared looked on.


The only confrontation among the competing groups appeared to occur earlier Saturday when white militia members and Black Lives Matter activists yelled at each other over the police barricades.

12 Responses to Protests in Louisville

  1. dad29 says:

    Another report mentions an A.D. among the black militants which sent one of them to the hospital.

  2. Mike says:

    3 injured from one negligent discharge and no one injured by a 2nd ND. There are no ADs (accidental discharge)

  3. Jason says:

    I agree with you there Mike.

  4. jjf says:

    I think they call it a McCloskey discharge now.

  5. Jason says:

    Eric Schmitt disagrees.

    >Schmitt cited Missouri’s Castle Doctrine, which he said provides “broad rights to Missourians to protect and defend their personal safety and property against those who wish to do them harm.”

    Thank you for some common sense Schmitt.

  6. Mar says:

    Some one would say it’s a jjf discharge.
    Always shooting off his mouth with disastrous results.

  7. dad29 says:

    Did the Noooz miss a discharge from one of the McCloskey weapons?

    Which one?  The empty AR or the inoperative pistol?

    C’mon, man, Jiffy–whatever–enlighten us!

  8. jjf says:

    Dad29, do you keep your finger on the trigger?  Why or why not?

  9. Jason says:

    >Some one would say it’s a jjf discharge.

    >Always shooting off his mouth with disastrous results.


    Yes, but that’s a result of Ignorant Discharge, not Negligent.


  10. dad29 says:

    that’s a result of Ignorant Discharge, not Negligent.

    Combox Winner for July!!

  11. jjf says:

    Even if you think it’s not loaded, do you put your finger on the trigger, Dad29?

  12. Mar says:

    jjf still not being relevant.
    Who cares, jjf. They were not arrested for that.
    The charges ate as bogus as you are.

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