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0724, 07 Jul 20

Washington County To Consider Becoming Sanctuary City

A few months ago, I would have yawned at something like this as just some showmanship and pandering. In our new normal, as they say, affirming our rights has become paramount. Let’s get this done!

WEST BEND — Washington County Board District 6 Supervisor and Vice Chair Denis Kelling has introduced 2020 Resolution 17 — Washington County Advocates the Constitutional Rights of Citizens on July 4. Supervisors will vote on the resolution during Wednesday’s County Board meeting.

The resolution would oppose any mandates which may interfere with an individual’s constitutional rights, including requiring residents to wear masks, enforce closures and implement fines. The resolution, which was

approved by the Executive Committee on June 17, reaffirms the oath each supervisor takes upon swearing in to the board to support the national and state constitutions.

“The government doesn’t have the right to make those types of mandates,” Kelling said. While the government can issue emergency orders, he does not agree that some measures must be mandated.

Earlier this year, Waukesha County supervisors proposed a resolution that would make it a sanctuary county for the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in response to state proposals to strengthen background checks for purchasing guns. Supervisors felt these proposals violated the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

Washington County supervisors wanted to create a resolution to reaffirm the whole U.S. Constitution.

“I can’t recall any time in history where the government had a right to demand that you wear something,” said Kelling.


0724, 07 July 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


  2. Rooster96

    This is great news!

  3. jonnyv

    For arguments sake. The gov’t demands that I wear pants. I can’t walk around public naked.

  4. jjf

    “I can’t recall any time in history where the government had a right to demand that you wear something,” said Kelling.

    Hilarious.  The words escaped his mouth before he’d given it a moment’s thought.

  5. Merlin

    It’s still just strutting by suburban peacocks. Look at me! I’m doing my job! It must be the heat.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    I wonder if any establishments in Washington County have a sign saying, “No shirt, no shoes, no service” ?

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is a different issue.   We are not public establishments.   We are PRIVATE establishments open to public.   Owner gets to decide.

    Stop being dishonest on mixing apples and oranges.


  8. Le Roi du Nord

    Yup, the old double standard defense again.

    What poses the greatest threat to the public (your customers and employees) safety, no shirt, or no mask?

  9. jjf

    I wonder if he’s wearing pants right now.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann

    What poses greatest rick?

    Rioting liberals.

  11. Randall Flagg

    That is a different issue.   We are not public establishments.   We are PRIVATE establishments open to public.   Owner gets to decide.

    Ummmmm…how about the health department?  Or can you just decide to do what you want to regardless of what they say.

    I wonder if he’s wearing pants right now.

    Check if Trump is giving a speech.  If he is, odds are Kevin’s pants are off.

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    Let’s try this again;

    “What poses the greatest threat to the public (your customers and employees) safety, no shirt, or no mask?”

    You have two choices.  Rick isn’t one of them.

  13. Mar

    Speaking of Sanctuary. ICE decided those college students attending colleges that are offering only on-line classes, well those students need to go home.
    Great decision and is common sense.
    But I am sure the liberals will say that is tyrannical.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    Rioting liberals are greatest risk to business these days.

    See Madison state st.

  15. jjf

    Le Roi, did you see a lot of rioting in Kewaskum?

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    We arrest lawbreakers in Kewaskum.

    In Madison they give a massage and a cookie to leftist criminals.

  17. Le Roi du Nord


    So you can’t answer.  No surprise.


    I’ve never been in Kewaskum.  Years ago I worked with a guy from there, nice guy, loved to fish, and was a well-educated and common sense co-worker.  But he moved out of there due to limited opportunities for someone of his talents ( he was a science and biology major).  Seems like a pretty unfriendly and intolerant place.

  18. Mar

    Right Le Roi, base on your experience on guy.
    I’ve been to Kewaskum and it was a nice place to visit.
    But I’ve also been in Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Pennisula of Michigan many times. Lots of racists up there.
    I guess you fit right in.

  19. Jason

    Leroy Saggypants is just playing “I hate everything Kevin says” games. Remember this is the dummy that was sad the Naked Bike Ride in Madison was cancelled. His daughter was all registered and cant wide now.

    Leroy, give us the statute that requires shirts in public.

  20. Jason

    Obviously that should be “can’t ride now” but I’ll wage that “wide” works with his genetics and heritage.

  21. Randall Flagg

    So what you are saying Jason is that you are the dummy that can’t type ride correctly :)

    As far as weight goes:

    “we found that higher county-level obesity prevalence rates were associated with higher levels of support for the 2012 Republican Party presidential candidate.”

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry j, that wasn’t me.  And wide isn’t in my family genetics.  You must be mistaking me for another fellow traveler that bragged about his 290# carcass.  But you are wrong about most things, so you must be used to it by now.  Carry on.

  23. Mar

    Damn right, Randall, us steak and potato eaters will.more than likely vote for President Trump.
    Meanwhile the bean curd/tofu, vegans will vote for Senile Joe.

  24. Mar

    I might add, Randall, that most domestic beer drinkers will vote for President Trump while Evian water drinkers will vote for Biden.

  25. jjf

    You know, because defining people via food stereotypes isn’t similar to racism.

  26. Jason

    Everything is similar to racism to the mind that cant grasp nuance.

  27. Jason

    >Sorry j, that wasn’t me

    Interesting you decided to ignore the request for a statute… speaks loudly about your bullshit smear you spread everywhere you comment.

  28. Le Roi du Nord


    Where did I say there was a statute requiring pants? Or are you just making stuff up again?

  29. Jason

    Who said anything about pants old fucker?

    I suggest you get someone to assist you when you’re reading comments here.

  30. Mar

    Jason, don’t bother with Le Roi. He’s so stupid that he thinks Easter is a Federal holiday.

  31. Jason

    Careful mar, dont make him threaten another Defamation suit! Haha!

  32. jjf

    Le Roi, I think the statutes just say you can’t Donald Duck it.  Pants, skirt, whatevs.

    But if you don’t have any genitals, do you need to cover them?  The plain language of the law is not clear.  Balls and strikes.

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