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2202, 07 Jul 20

Standoff After Arm Wrestling Match


A father is in jail after losing an arm wrestling contest to his young son which led to a shooting and an 8-hour standoff with the police.

The incident occurred on July 6 shortly before 1 a.m. in the morning when Boone County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to Florence, Kentucky, about a 20-minute drive southwest of Cincinnati, Ohio, to a report of a person in a home with a weapon.

When authorities arrived, they found two family members had vacated the premises safely and were unharmed but 55-year-old Curtis Zimmerman was still inside the home and refused commands to come out, according to a statement by the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

“Deputies learned that Zimmerman was intoxicated and challenged his juvenile son to an arm-wrestling contest,” said Boone County Sheriff’s Office. “When Zimmerman lost multiple times, he became agitated which led to a physical altercation with his son.”


2202, 07 July 2020


  1. jjf

    Wokester evil Marxist religion!  Denounce it!

    Why can’t these people clean up their gun culture?  They need to learn some self-control.  And where’s the mother?  Did she run when there was a threat of violence?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    How can woke religion be employed? Was race mentioned once in the article?

    Would race make a difference in your reaction to events?

    If it does, you are a white, wokester, liberal racist!

  3. Mar

    Still waiting for jjf to make a cohesive comment.
    I am beginning to think it is not possible for him to do so.
    I guess he still struggling to use a basic data base.

  4. Randall Flagg


    Sarcasm is lost on the less intelligent.

  5. Randall Flagg

    As with Owen’s column on Juneteenth, we can no longer have a rational discussion on guns.  SO, the people who should not have guns, like this person, still have them.  And, I’ll bet there are some who have had them taken away but should not have.

    In the case of Juneteenth, the cost is (likely) money.  In the case of guns, the cost is lives.

    PS Before you ask, I am a guns owner.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    His sarcasm is just dumb because there was no race mentioned in article to assess victimhood….so it was just stupid, not even remotely relevant sarcasm.

    Not surprised that wokesters cannot tell the difference.

  7. Randall Flagg


    I did not realize you owned a DQ until I saw it mentioned in one of Owen’s posts recently.  Googled it and saw the “sign controversy.”  This will probably shock you but I am fine with you putting that there (as long as DQ corporate was OK).

    People can choose not to shop at your DQ if they don’t like it.  Just as I chose not to patronize businesses that supported Scott Walker.

  8. Randall Flagg

    How can woke religion be employed?

    Remember that the Kevin Dictionary allows jjf to call anything a religion.

  9. jjf

    Race?  Who said anything about race?

    People put up signs to get attention.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    I receive 30k+ emails when it broke loose in media, some from UK, Australia, Germany.

    90% were positive. The negative 10% were instructive of just how intolerant the radical PC lexicon really is.

    …and sales have been outstanding since it broke loose in Sept 2017. So it gives me hope for America.

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