Evers Considers Declaring Racism a Public Health Emergency

This is concerning.

Evers also said he was considering issuing a proclamation declaring racism a public health crisis, though he noted doing so “wouldn’t do anything more than” elevate the issue — a topic he noted is already getting attention in communities across the state.

Elsewhere, localities and others are pushing for such language. Democratic lawmakers in Ohio have sought to pass a resolution naming racism a public health issue, which they said would be the first of its kind nationwide, and would require legislative support to be enacted.

In Wisconsin, Evers wouldn’t be able to officially declare racism as a public health emergency like he did for COVID-19 because of stipulations in state statute.

Still, he acknowledged, “me doing a declaration of emergency would be like, ‘I get it,’” Evers said. “No matter where you’re talking about … (protests) happened all across the state and the message is pretty much the same all across the state: racism is an issue, it’s a huge issue for Wisconsin, it’s a huge issue for our country. We have to deal with that head on.”

Evers used a Public Health Emergency to strip all of us of our civil rights for two months. He would have done it for longer if the Supreme Court hadn’t stepped in. Although statute forbids him doing the same thing here, he might ignore that like other laws.

Now that the liberals have seen how easy it is to obliterate our rights when something is a “public health emergency,” they will try to use that excuse as often as possible to get around silly things like the Rule of Law, due process, and civil rights.