Evers’ “Wild West”

What a tyrant.

In an interview on MSNBC, Evers said the the Supreme Court has “thrown our state into chaos.”

“We are the Wild West,” the governor said when asked what happens now.

Evers said right now in the Badger State there are no orders or restrictions.

Apparently, in Evers’ fragile mind, Wisconsin was the Wild West (using that as a pejorative) until two months ago when he locked down the state and kicked 400,000+ Wisconsinites out of work. By overturning the order, all the court did was return Wisconsin to its previous level of freedom where people make decisions for themselves.

What is scary is that Evers’ statement presumes that we, the people, must be micromanaged by government to avoid chaos. Really? I need some jackass Madison bureaucrat to tell me, under penalty of jail, whether or not I can go to a restaurant? The absence of such an order is “chaos?” Really? How did we ever function up until March before Evers violated the constitution and stripped us of our civil rights?

No thank, Evers. I’m a big boy. I can make my own decisions.