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2230, 11 May 20

School Boards Push Ahead on Referendums During Recession

Lest you think that a government-forced shutdown of the economy would give school boards any pause before demanding more money…

Weighing how the COVID-19 pandemic will financially affect the Madison School District and its economic pressure on taxpayers, Madison School Board members expressed interest Monday in moving forward with two referendums planned for the fall election.

After scrapping a vote this spring to authorize the referendums for the presidential election ballot, the board will now likely vote in June or July on whether to ask for more money in November — most recently proposed at a $317 million facilities referendum and a $33 million operating referendum.

Board members acknowledged the tough financial reality created for residents by the new coronavirus and efforts to stem its spread, but several members said the need to renovate aging school buildings and shore up the operating budget remains the same.

I expect West Bend to do the same.


2230, 11 May 2020


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