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2207, 03 May 20

City Reverses Mask Order After Citizenry Gets Uppity

Good. I hope that all municipal governments and police departments remember who they serve.

An Oklahoma city has reversed an emergency proclamation requiring shoppers to wear face masks due to threats of violence.

Stillwater, located about 65 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, started to reopen businesses on Friday morning as part of the state’s phased-opening program. That included salons, barber shops, restaurants, gyms, museums and movie theaters.

The city had required customers to wear masks in stores and restaurants. But the mayor quickly amended that policy on Friday afternoon after employees were “threatened with physical violence and showered with verbal abuse” in the span of three hours, Stillwater City Manager Norman McNickle said in a statement. There was one threat of violence using a firearm, he added.

And if you want to wear a mask, then by all means… wear a mask.


2207, 03 May 2020


  1. Mar

    Wearing masks is pretty much a stupid idea.
    When I work, 99% of the masks people wear are foolish. They will not stop a virus from going in or out. At best, it will stop water droplets if you sneeze.
    But, if you wear the mask an extended amount of time, moisture builds up in the mask and if you sneeze or exhale heavily, your liable to blow to those droplets off the mask.
    And that is why I don’t use a mask.

  2. dad29

    Dreher is a girly-boy.  Read enough of his stuff and you’ll wind up wearing a pinafore.

  3. dad29

    The local grocery is an interesting study.  Mask-wearers are generally younger than 40.  Older shoppers don’t wear ’em.

  4. dad29

    By the way, the Girly-Boy does understand some things:

    A society is pre-totalitarian when its people will only accept as “truth” what confirms what they prefer to believe. Arendt says that movements that turn totalitarian are those that manage to protect the frightened and uprooted masses from “the never-ending shocks which real life and real experiences deal to human beings and their expectations.” I have paid a lot of attention to the way this has been working on the political and cultural left. I think this has been the right thing to do, mostly because the left controls most of the institutions in this country. The media is so deep inside a progressive epistemic bubble that it doesn’t see how it functions to present the world in a way that is consistent with its ideological worldview. This is a fact. No matter how crazy the right behaves, this remains true.

    It’s clear that the Left is positioning itself as ‘the protector of the frightened…..’ from ‘never-ending shocks [of] real life…’ such as the inevitability of death.  That’s a linear progression, of course; beginning with abortion, progressing to gay “marriage” (a physical and metaphysical impossibility), and finally—TA DA!!–the Left pretends to prevent death.

    And some damn fools believe them.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    Sure, you folks take advice from amateurs like mar, dud, and bush limberger. I’ll stick the medical professionals.

  6. jjf

    “Yes, ‘Uppity’ is Racist”.

    And Dad29 goes for broke with sexism, then an anecdote about his grocery store!  We can all play!

    Here’s mine!  I went to the grocery store last week, and it was all the old people wearing masks, plus the generally under-40 employees who were required to.

    Then I went to Farm & Fleet yesterday, and all the people who were shopping for plants and seeds were wearing masks, but most of the other more authentically and stereotypically farming types weren’t!

    What Does It Mean?

  7. Mar

    So, jjf, I spend about 8 hours a day in Walmart, 5 days a week and I agree with Dad. Most people are wearing masks but those who don’t, the majority who don’t wear masks are middle age and older.
    It’s not scientific, but I probably see over 2000 people a week.

  8. Mar

    Le ROI, the true experts say that unless you have a N-95 mask or better, the home made masks or the the ones you get at the 5 and dime, it’s not going to stop the virus.
    But go ahead be a nice little sheeple. And I hope you don’t get the Chinese virus because you believe the governors or other politicians BS.

  9. Pat

    This is from an April 8 survey.

    When I’m not cowering under my bed, and find the courage to go out and about, I’m seeing more elderly wearing masks than millennials, and looks like 50% of the GenX are wearing them. But that’s only what I’ve been able to witness in West Bend. This observation is made from shopping in the stores that are open, and not in open air venues.

  10. jjf

    Owen, what do the demographics of Stillwater have to do with the racist connections to the word “uppity?”  Does it have something to do with your mental connections to the words “remember who they serve?”


  11. MjM

    Nazi Nort loves his experts:   I’ll stick the medical professionals.

    Ya mean like DHS’s Andrea Palm and Doc Truelove (not a typo)? 

  12. Owen

    The point is that the use of a word that has racist connotations in some contexts does not make it racist in all contexts. For example, the word “boy” carries a racist connotation when used by a white person to refer to a black man. But the word “boy” carries no racist connotation when one says “my little boy is doing well with distance learning.”

    Context matters and your attempt to smear racism where it does not exist is repugnant.

  13. MjM

    Patsy relates: From the Mayo Clinic.

    What important information is missing from the MO article?

  14. jjf

    If you keep using “uppity” and “serve” in the same sentence, yeah, then people will continue to say you’re using racist language.

  15. Owen

    Only morons and trolls.

  16. Merlin

    Unless you’ve got an N95 or one of it variants on, whatever else you’re wearing is a placebo. Your colorful bandana might make you the most fashionable shopper in a Pick & Save, but for all of its usefulness against the WuFlu you’d might as well be bare-faced.

  17. MjM

    Wizard sez:  Unless you’ve got an N95 or one of it variants on, whatever else you’re wearing is a placebo

    Nope.  The CCPVirus is smaller that the N95 can trap.

  18. jjf

    And ABC News, back in 2008.

  19. Pat

    “What important information is missing from the MO article?”

    Please tell us.

  20. Mar

    So, I guess we can surmise from Pat’s article and the experts within, that Le Roi is infected with the Chinese virus.

  21. dad29

    is repugnant.

    Jiffy’s looking for attention again.

  22. Merlin

    “Only morons and trolls.”


  23. Pat

    Mar, it’s not my article. It’s someone else’s written article which I shared.

  24. jjf

    OK, then there’s the “remember who they serve.”  It’s just so “can I speak to the manager.”  Owen forgot the “don’t they remember who pays their salary?” though.

    Have these ever been trotted out when it’s a debate about some poor kid being shot by the cops, you know, for having a toy gun in a park?  No, then it’s all about “obey the lawful order, ask questions later.”

    And that all this is coming from the “I carry a concealed handgun to keep us safe” crowd, the “I’ll do anything to protect my family” crowd.

    But wear a mask to stay safe?   Stay home to stay safe?  That’s too much to ask.  Let’s eat our neighbors instead!

    The “your liberties end at my nose” crowd apparently doesn’t like how viruses spread.

  25. Mar

    jjf complains about possible racist language but he supports not having poor little black and brown students attend private schools with mostly well off white children.
    Hypocrisy much, jjf?

  26. jjf

    What?  Your private school doesn’t allow poor little black and brown students?

  27. Jason

    >Only morons and trolls.

    Fuck, I love when Owen shows up in the comments.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    And I will still trust the medical professionals, like my GP, the RN that lives down the road from us, the local hospital administration, and a NP cousin.  And the folks at Mayo.  And I won’t be listening to the likes of mar, limbaugh, dud or mjm.

    And no, mar, I’m not infected with covid19.  You are lying again.

  29. Mar

    Just saying, Le Roi, the article stated that wearing a mask, unless it is the top of the line mask, you’re just wasting your time and youre acting like a sheeple.
    Not lying when the medical experts state the obvious. And they are from the Mayo clinic. Those are some pretty smart people.
    But be safe, and I honestly mean that.

  30. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, it didn’t say that.  But it did say this:

    “Although cloth masks and N95 masks have different purposes, both are intended to slow the spread of COVID-19. A cloth mask is worn to help protect others in case the wearer has the virus. An N95 mask helps protect the wearer from getting the virus from others.”

    For someone so highly educated as you it is puzzling as to why your reading comprehension is so poor.

  31. Mar

    Exactly ale Roi, if you are wearing a non N-95 mask, one could assume you have the virus.
    The regular non N-95 mask doesn’t do anything if you get to close to another person and their virus falls off a d attacks. Your cloth mask won’t help you.
    And in reality, if you are wearing a cloth mask a d you do have the Chinese virus,and you sneeze, the cloth mask is not going to stop the Chinese virus from escaping, unless you cover your mouth.
    But let me pose this question. The medical personnel mostly have decent masks, eye guards and gowns, how come they keep getting sick?

  32. Mar

    So,a Michigan security guard got shot and killed because he was trying to enforce the dumbass governor of Michigan order forcing people to wear a mask inside a store.
    She has to be the worst governor, even worse than Herr Evers. She truly is a power hungry dictator. And now she has blood on her hands.

  33. Le Roi du Nord


    Unlike you I don’t make assumptions. And I’ll stick by the thoughtful and well reasoned guidance from actual medical professionals. You can believe whatever you want, just keep your virus in AZ.

  34. Le Roi du Nord


    Interesting interpretation of a cold blooded murder of a guard doing his job. You blame the governor, not the murderer. Awful. Just awful.

  35. Mar

    Obviously, Le Roi, that is true. I just thought you were smart enough that it didn’t have to be spelled out by you.
    I guess I was wrong, you’re just not smart enough to understand the obvious.
    And yes, the dumbass dictator governor has blood on her hands.

  36. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, the murderer has the blood on their hands. How you could get that wrong is troubling for many reasons.

    You call Keith Hernandez a murderer, say the MI governor has blood on her hands, you are truly one sick puppy. And a liar.

  37. Mar

    Yes, Le Roi, stick up for a tyrant liberal Democrat governor.
    Apparently you don’t get the fact if the tyrant governor didn’t mandate the asinine requirement to wear masks in a grocery store, the guard could still very well be alive.
    I guess we know where your loyalties lie…with the tyrannical and power hungry despot governor.
    BTW, if the Hernandez thing is the best you got, well, I got 1 wrong and you have never been right, so, I’ll take it.

  38. Le Roi du Nord


    It takes a sick and twisted mind to blame the MI governor for a premeditated murder of a security guard doing his job.  And if those three felons didn’t come back to the store, in possession of firearms they were prohibited from having, and shoot the guard, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. It is the same sick and twisted mind that blamed the MI governor for drug overdose deaths and suicide deaths.

    You got Hernandez wrong, and everything since.  Wallow in it, relish it, take credit for being chronically wrong, but never uncertain.  And you will never win a conservation with your limited skills.  (yup, you got that one wrong, too).

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