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0636, 29 Apr 20

Supreme Court Rejects Teachers Union’s Attempt to Intervene

I was deeply amused by the court’s order:

A motion to intervene, both as of right and with the permission of the court; an alternative motion for leave to file a non-party brief, amicus curiae; a proposed brief in response to the petition for leave to commence an original action and the accompanying motion for temporary injunctive relief; and an affidavit of counsel in support of the proposed brief having been filed by the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, et al.;

IT IS ORDERED that the motion to intervene is denied; and

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the motion for leave to file a non-party brief, amicus curiae, is denied. The court’s April 21, 2020 order expressly stated that a non-party brief, which must be attached to a motion for leave to file it, “shall not exceed 20 pages if a monospaced font is used or 4,400 words if a proportional serif font is used.” The proposed non-party brief submitted with this motion fails to comply with this order as it is 74 pages in length.

Notice that the brief was not rejected because of any of the content or some arcane legal rule. It was rejected because they didn’t follow instructions on the format! The TEACHERS. They didn’t follow the formatting instructions. Bwhahahahaha.

And it’s not like it was some minor technicality like screwing up citing in APA format or anything. It was supposed to be no more than 20 pages and they turned in SEVENTY FOUR PAGES!

That’s hilarious…


0636, 29 April 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nothing better than an endless public union teacher sermon getting smacked by the court.

  2. Mark Hoefert

    In fairness to the teachers, it might point more to the quality of their lawyers.

  3. dad29

    Les Pines is the lawyer.  Maybe he’s getting paid by the page, eh?

    Where’s he been since 79 Courts rejected his Act 10 appeals?  He prolly needs the money.

  4. Mike

    Basics like counting to 20 and reading instructions are taught in grade school. Who taught the lawyers?

  5. Jason

    Dumb partisan judge says this….

    >Now, over two weeks later, we have an uptick in Covid-19 cases, especially in dense urban centers like Milwaukee and Waukesha, where few polling places were open and citizens were forced to stand in long lines to cast a ballot. It will take time to compile and analyze the data, but the number of people who voted in person and have tested positive is growing.

    and links to a source… which goes on to say this…

    >The individuals with confirmed cases did not necessarily contract it by voting.

    Great voting Wisconsin.

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