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1701, 15 Apr 20

Michiganders Act Like Americans

Good for them.

Thousands of protesters on foot and in vehicles converged Wednesday on Michigan’s capital to rally against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders in the state.

“Operation Gridlock,” organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition, created a huge bumper-to-bumper traffic jam around the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

Meshawn Maddock, an organizer for the group, said the demonstrators include Republicans, Democrats and independents.

“Quarantine is when you restrict movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people,” Maddock told Fox News. “Every person has learned a harsh lesson about social distancing. We don’t need a nanny state to tell people how to be careful.”

The protests had been expected to start at noon, but a line of vehicles stretching for miles began earlier in the morning.


1701, 15 April 2020


  1. Pat

    The Michigan Proud Boys, a local Neo Nazi group of Trump supporters, organized a blockade of the intersection at a green light outside Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.
    A doctor rushed out of the hospital to plead with them to let the ambulances through, but the Trumpsters just waved their Confederate flags and laughed. This is how America dies.

    Awful. Just awful

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    No one approves of that, but you use it to distract from the awful liberal governor and her tyrannical mindset.

    And if the story is as you say it is, she is arresting everyone else, why not the thugs really causing trouble?

    You are awful. Just awful distracting from the bigger issue of liberal thuggery.

  3. Pat


    I’m not distracting from anything. This is thug behavior perpetrated by The Proud Boys and documented for all to see.

    Awful. Just awful.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why isn’t she having them arrested? Heaven knows the godless libs will arrest people going to church…and cheer about those arrests.

  5. jonnyv

    Nice, I was wondering why I saw Confederate Flags in the video footage. Proud Boys explains it. I hope that I never find my self on the same side as someone who decides to fly the Confederate flag.

  6. Pat


    Is it up to the Governor, the Mayor, or the police department to make arrests?

  7. Pat


    Do you think making arrests would exacerbate or calm the situation.

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    “They said they wish Gov. Whitmer had more faith in them not to get infected.”

    Explain how that is supposed to work, Dr. k.

  9. dad29

    Maybe Nurse LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy can explain how empty hospitals are good for us.

  10. JohnM

    @Pat  Hi buddy, member of Michigan Proud Boys here to clear some things up.

    “The Michigan Proud Boys, a local Neo Nazi group of Trump supporters, organized a blockade of the intersection at a green light outside Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.”

    The only thing true in this sentence is we are indeed Trump supporters.  No we are not “neo nazis” or any other ridiculous ethnocentric movement.  No, there was no blockade of Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.  The entrance was clearly open and remained so throughout the protest.  I would ask you to cease lying but I have a feeling this is a pattern in your life sadly, I wish you the best.

    @Jonnyv  There were zero Proud Boys flying confederate flags.  You also sound like you should probably ask a few more questions before saying nonsensical things.   As to those who were flying those flags, they are within their constitutional right do so however much you disagree with it.  A notable quote in this situation is “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    Our government has put so much fear into a few of you that you are questioning your own rights which were bestowed upon us all by God and the founders.  Your rights are worth fighting for, as was illustrated today.

  11. MjM

    Patsy lies just like Nort: “The Michigan Proud Boys, a local Neo Nazi group of Trump supporters, organized a blockade of the intersection at a green light outside Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. A doctor rushed out of the hospital to plead with them to let the ambulances through, “

    Really, sistah, you gotta stop eating crap from your leftist Twitter twerp friends.

    “ Sparrow spokesperson John Foren said there are no access problems and ambulances can ‘get in and out. There’s no problem.’ “ -WLNS, Lansing MI

  12. Merlin

    You might want to put something on that burn before it blisters…

  13. Kevin Scheunemann

    Wow, that burn is, indeed, going to leave a mark.

    None of libs here will ever apologize for their lack of facts. They are godless, and live to make war on believers.

  14. Mar

    From the Lansing State Journal: Lt. Darren Green of the Michigan State Police estimated several thousand cars were part of the demonstration, with 100 to 150 people on the Capitol lawn. Green said traffic was backed up for more than a mile around the Capitol in several directions. 
    “They’re being respectful and not causing any issues at all,” Green said
    Seems like the liberals who troll here just like to lie, lie, lie.

  15. Pat

    So everyone here is saying that the gridlock did not hinder an ambulance from being able to make its way to the hospital?

  16. jjf

    Dad29, have you been listening?  Explain to us how an overloaded hospital helps you when you have a heart attack next week.

  17. jjf

    Sure, the Proud Boys are innocent freedom-defenders.  Tell us more!

    Owen, tell us why they’re Real ‘Mericans!

  18. MjM

    DMOTP Jiffy lies like Patsy and Nort:   And Real ‘Mericans protest by blocking hospitals?

    Or parking garages.  Whatevs.

    DMOTP Jiffy didn’t answer last time either:  Explain to us how an overloaded hospital helps you when you have a heart attack next week.

    Where are all these overstuffed hospitals you keep harping on?

  19. Pat

    Major Moron,

    What was the lie?

  20. Jason

    >And Real ‘Mericans protest by blocking hospitals?


    BLM did that how many times?


    Jumaane D. Williams, a Democrat, was charged and found guilty by his peers of blocking an Ambulance.


    Anti-Trump protesters block ambulance


    There are many more.  Ironic that you want to complain about this Johnny, but were silent when the BLM idiots were blocking freeways and we discussed it here.  It’s almost like you dislike the motive more than the actual action.  Just like a hypocritical left wing troll.

  21. jjf

    MjM, it’s like you’re pretending to not understand.  The goal is to avoid overloaded hospitals.  If they’re not full, it’s a good thing.  If they were overloaded, all we’d have is “we told you so” vs. “it’s God’s plan.”

  22. jjf

    Jason, I guess we’d need to ask the Proud Boys why they were doing that.  Yes, I don’t think blocking ambulances is a good idea, no matter who did it.

    And if this happened… that’s the reason you oppose the goals of BLM?

  23. Jason

    So nothing to refute the fact that you’re picking and choosing your outrage at a groups actions based solely on their motivation.  Good to know where you stand on things like this Johnny.

  24. Mar

    Oh my, the liberals here just cannot stop from lying.
    There must be a pandemic of Lyingitis among liberals ccx around the world. This disease effects their brains so they are incapable of telling the truth.

  25. Merlin

    Hospitals in southeastern Wisconsin are virtual ghost towns outside of their EDs and related infectious disease spaces. Clinics are trying to get by without staffing much more than Urgent Care.

    Healthcare systems/providers are hemorrhaging cash in the form of lost revenue due to inactivity and they’re reacting like every other business trying to surviveNon-ED medical staff are being furloughed or outright laid off at an accelerating rate. This includes nurses, lab techs, specialty techs, maintenance, and clerical workers. Paying physicians to not see patients won’t last much longer either.

    Just because events that don’t fit the apocalypse narrative aren’t being reported doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.



  26. jjf

    Jason, frankly I’d never before heard that BLM had an intent of blocking hospitals, or of the two incidents you mentioned.  Did you think BLM had that as part of their mission for some reason?  And the Proud Boys…  you support their mission?

  27. Mar

    No, jjf, the BLM advocated killing police officers and got many killed, directly or indirectly.
    I guess that is ok with you.
    Cops lives don’t matter to people like you, do they?
    You just love terrorist groups,right jjf, like Black Lives Don’t Matter?

  28. jjf

    Googled that, Snopes says “no.”

    Mar, you like the Proud Boys?

    Merlin, why did the hospitals make that decision?  Were they afraid of the virus spreading through the entire staff?

  29. jonnyv

    JohnM, I support your right or anyone’s right to fly the Confederate flag. Same with the Nazi flag, or any other flag. Just realize that by doing so, people immediately associate that person with a bigot and racist. ESPECIALLY in MI, where last time I checked the stars and bars weren’t part of MI history. Like it or not, it isn’t the “rebel flag” it is the “racist flag”.

    And yes, like it or not, the Proud Boys are associated with racism and violence. Now, that may not be what YOU approve of, but you align yourself with them and that is on you.

    No one should be blocking hospitals or ambulances. And again, if you decide to be a part of that, you are an idiot. There are other ways to show civil disobedience without endangering others lives.

  30. MjM

    Nort nails it… not : Here you go, answered it for you.

    Nort, Nort, Nort.   I know math is hard for you, seeing as you have problems with the simple act of counting  the number of cars in your own town’s parking lots,  but I did assume – my bad – that you could read……

    “Brookdale Hospital, which began seeing Covid-19 patients at the beginning of March, said it now has more than 100 patients who have tested positive for the virus, and 78 additional patients are hospitalized as they await results.”

    And yet….

    “The hospital sees over 100,000 patients annually, and has a capacity of about 300 people at any given time,…..

    Given those numbers, the hospital must have an a monthly average throughput of 8333 patients per month.

    Imagine that.  In your addled brain a hospital under capacity is overstuffed.

    And besides, WI (pop. 5.85m, 105/sq ml)  is not NYCity (pop. 18.8m, 26,403/sq ml).

    Perhaps you don’t understand the meaning of “overstuffed”.

    You could look it up.


  31. MjM

    JohnV claims: No one should be blocking hospitals or ambulances. And again, if you decide to be a part of that, you are an idiot.

    True.   And what are you if you continue lie that somebody else did that?

  32. Pat

    According to photographs posted on social media and other reports, at least one ambulance was brought to a stop in traffic on Grand Avenue, close to a nearby Lansing hospital. The traffic jam extended east on Michigan Avenue from the Capitol to beyond Pennsylvania Avenue, with idling cars lined up in front of a Sparrow Health System hospital.

    John Foren, a spokesman for Sparrow Health System, said there had been no issues with ambulances being unable to access the hospital entrances.

    “So far, they have not disrupted things, as far as I’ve been told,” Foren said early Wednesday afternoon, referencing entrances to the hospital on Michigan.

    However, there were concerns about ambulances being tied up or potentially delayed on their way to the hospital, he said.

  33. MjM

    DMOTP Jiffy STILL doesn’t answer the question:  it’s like you’re pretending to not understand.

    Quite the opposite.  I completely understand paranoid delusional BS when I see it.

    To wit:  You believe all the hospitals in WI are going to be beyond capacity when Daddio has “a heart attack next week.”

    I’ll ask a THIRD time;  Where are all these overstuffed hospitals you keep harping on?





  34. MjM

    Pasty nails it….  not:  However, there were concerns

    Oh, my!  “Concerns”

    Excuse me…..


    (And why didn’t the Detroit Free Pricks name or quote any of those who were ‘concerned’?)

    Patsy loves her leftist Twitter Twerps:  According to photographs posted on social media….

    …. of a parking garage.

    (And why didn’t the Detroit Free Pricks print those photos with all the others?)

    Pasty loves her sources: “… and other reports,

    IOW,  more ‘social media’ basement dwellers regurgitating the initial lie.

    (And why didn’t the Detroit Free Pricks link to or quote those “other reports”?)

    Patsy and ambulances,  always screaming: “at least one ambulance was brought to a stop in traffic on Grand Avenue, close to a nearby Lansing hospital”

    Lights flashing?  Stopped at a stop light?  On standby?  En route to the hospital?

    Or going back to it’s base 12 blocks away on Grand and  E. Shiawassee St?

    Any buses stopped, too?  Garbage trucks?  Cabbies?

    Oh!  The questions nobody thought to ask (including the Detroit Free Pricks).


  35. Pat

    Wow, Major Moron. You’ve really gone off the rails with being emotionally butt hurt. You haven’t proved anything I’ve said as being wrong. Try again, this time with less emotion.

  36. jjf

    MjM, they’re not overloaded now.  What’s your point?  You know something the medical professionals don’t?

    MjM, you like the Proud Boys?

  37. MjM

    Patsy lies again:  You haven’t proved anything I’ve said as being wrong.

    Even the article you linked to proved you and your Titter Twerps as lying goofs.

    Patsy surmises:  “You’ve really gone off the rails with being emotionally butt hurt.

    Correction:  That’s “gut hurt”.  From my emotional laughing at you and your pitiful (but humorous) attempt to cover yer lyin azz over something that didn’t happen.


  38. MjM

    DMOTP Jiffy now claims:  they’re not overloaded now

    But,  you said they are going to be overloaded “next week”, right?

    No?  Then when?   Two weeks?  Next month?   By Halloween?



    DMOTP Jiffy wonders: “You know something the medical professionals don’t?

    Would that be WI Dept. of Health Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm who claimed 22,000 cases and 1500 deaths by April Fools Day?  (and just how appropriate is THAT?)

    Why,  yes.  Yes.  I guess so.

    Jiffy can’t grasp the reality: “What’s your point?

    That you are talking out your azz,  per usual.


  39. jjf

    THCFIA MjM, it’s still not over.  You think I personally have a crystal ball?  I predict there will be more than one peak and more than one lockdown.

    MjM, point me to your prediction about how many deaths there would be on a particular day.  You know, when you said something specific in the past.

  40. MjM

    DMOTP Jiffy contradicts himself within two sentences: You think I personally have a crystal ball?  I predict there will be more than one peak and more than one lockdown.

    What??  You lost your balls since this morning?  How then are you now still able to see the future of “more than one”  peak and lock down?  Divining by staring into a  steaming cauldron of Wuhan bat wings and eye of newt, are ya?

    DMOTP Jiffy wants another opinon:  point me to your prediction….  when you said something specific in the past.

    First, a correction. Above I wrote, “by April Fools Day”.  That is incorrect.  The due date, as it were , was “by April 8th”,  not the 1st.

    Now on to it.  I believe this is the only thing I have ever said that expresses a certainty:

    “Aside from the utter stupidity of basing WI on infection/death numbers from ground zero Wuhan and the 300,000 Chinese slave-importing Italy, a simple comparison of population density should have told the so-called “experts” that WI could NEVER have outcomes in any way similar. Italy has five times the population density of WI and the jurisdiction of Wuhan has more than twice the total WI population stuffed into 1/8 the size of WI.”   – MjM  April 4, 2020 at 11:15 pm

    So you see,  yes,  little ol’ me, all by meself was able to figure it out a little better than your so-called medical professionals.  They were, and remain,  disastrously wrong.

    And so are you.


  41. jjf

    Sounds pretty vague to me, MjM.  But you made a balls joke!  You totally owned the libs!

  42. MjM

    DMOTP Jiffy slinks away:”Sounds pretty vague to me,”

    I’m sure it does. Comprehending empirical evidence is not exactly your strong suit. Baseless paranoid projection is your talent.

    And I don’t own anybody. I expose them for what they are.

  43. Jason

    >You totally owned the libs!


    Sounds like a racist point of view you’re expressing there.  The thought that one person can own other people…

  44. Mar

    Jjf asks me if I like the Proud Boys.
    I don’t know all that much about them, other they like to fight with ANTIFA, a terrorist group.
    So I went to their web site, and did not read what liberals have to say about them.
    These are their beliefs:
    “Minimal Government
    Maximum Freedom
    Anti-Political Correctness
    Anti-Drug War
    Closed Borders
    Anti-Racial Guilt
    Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
    Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
    Glorifying the Entrepreneur
    Venerating the Housewife
    Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism”
    So, which belief do you object to, jjf?

  45. Mar

    And jjf uses Snopes to prove his point about the terrorist group did not have a role in killing police officers.
    You might as well have used the Washington Post, New York Times and the black lives don’t matter web site.
    The killer in Georgia was a supporter of the terrorist group. The murderer who killed 5 police officers in Dallas was a supporter. And there have been others police officers killed by supporters of the terrorist group in the US.
    jjf, why do you support a terrorist group?

  46. jjf

    Mar, my favorite tell of yours is when you reply twice to me.

    Here’s a different description of the Proud Boys.

    Or as you put it, you might as well have used the Proud Boys web site.  Oh, wait, you said you did!

    Would you like to talk about how they spin their beliefs to make them sound more palatable?

  47. Mar

    jjf, using Wikipedi? But I did read it and they quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center and NPR as their sources. The SPLC doesn’t even list the terrorist groups of Black Lives Don’t Matter and ANTIFA as hate groups.
    And NPR? Well they are from another planet.

  48. jjf

    Feel free to show me any other sources that have a perspective on the Proud Boys.

  49. Mar

    I really don’t care for them because of their fighting.
    I’m just pointing out that they are unlike Antifa and BLM who are terrorist groups.
    BLM doesn’t care about Black lives, they just hate cops and their actions have led to police officers being killed.
    Antifa beats up the elderly, among others, they are extremely violent and they are a fascist group.
    Why won’t you condemn them?

  50. jjf

    Once upon a time in this country, Nazi punching was highly regarded.

  51. Kevin Scheunemann


    You mean punching socialist party members was acceptable at one time?

  52. jjf

    Well, not quite.  It was also OK to punch people who pretended to not understand that Nazis weren’t actually socialists.

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