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1348, 01 Apr 20

Volunteer to be a Poll Worker

If you are a healthy, younger person, please, please, PLEASE consider volunteering to be a poll worker. Just call your local municipal or county clerk to volunteer. I volunteered in my municipality and am on the schedule to work next Tuesday. The clerk was friendly, helpful, and all of the training is online. EASY!

Our right to self-governance relies on making sure people can vote. If you are in a low-risk group, please step up to protect some of our older neighbors who usually work the polls.


1348, 01 April 2020

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    In the Village of Kewaskum, I am the “alternate poll worker”, in case we are down any workers, for any reason, as time approaches.

    We had to check if the Village President can serve as a poll worker with the WEC.   The answer is “yes”!

    I am not on this ballot.    I am up for re-election next year (April 2021).   I would certainly not entertain any notion of being a poll worker alternate in an election where I am running for something on the ballot.


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