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2123, 21 Mar 20

Evers Halts Prison Admissions

This will not end well.

Under the order, any defendant who is sentenced to prison will be held in a county jail instead of being transferred to one of DOC’s more than 30 prison facilities across the state.

Neal said most individuals who violate probation and parole rules would also go to the county jails, but some would go to a DOC facility in Milwaukee that is specifically for felons who violate their supervision terms. It is the only such DOC facility.

Although the emergency order could help prevent an inmate from bringing COVID-19 into a prison, it might also put extra pressure on county jails, including potential overcrowding.

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney said there were “absolutely no conversations” with county sheriffs about the impact the order will have on county jails. The Dane County Jail was notified of the change via email at 5:30 p.m. Friday.

“It’s really got sheriffs really upset,” Mahoney said. “It’s just very frustrating — as we’re trying to keep our own institutions healthy while we continue to hold prison inmates for the Department of Corrections — that we were not involved in at least a conversation about the need to find a collaborative solution.”

Mahoney said if the governor would have consulted county sheriffs, they could have come up with another solution to keep the prisons and jails safe, such as screening all inmates before transferring them to prisons.

We’re watching a very average man lurch from draconian thing to stupid thing without any real understanding of the consequences. Why are we allowing this one man to have so much power over our lives? We elected a governor, not a king.


2123, 21 March 2020


  1. dad29

    He has the power to display his stupidity.  That’s a benefit:  he won’t be much of a threat for re-election.

  2. Jason

    Next step, limited arrests, more so than many DA’s and Police agencies have already proclaimed. After that… chaos and anarchy.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    What are they going to do when guys like me defy a more restrive future “health” order?

    Let the rapist go, but guy cutting hair for a living. Prison it is!

    Liberals are awful.

  4. jjf

    Jason – didn’t Trump’s minions just ask for that?

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