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1328, 20 Mar 20

Supporting Local Businesses

It’s Fish Fry Day in Wisconsin! For many Wisconsinites, heading out to their local restaurant on Fridays for some fried cod, Perch, or Walleye is a venerated tradition. Unfortunately, many restaurants have been forced to close by the government or are only able to offer carry out and delivery. Please, please, PLEASE make a point to patronize these local businesses that are hardest hit by the Corono-freakout. And when you do, leave a big tip.

While you’re at it, go out of your way to patronize other local businesses as you are able. Buy some gift cards for later. Go through the drive-through. Pop into Kwik Trip for a sammich and a soda. Just try to spend what you used to spend at these local businesses. They need it to survive. Many of these businesses are the same ones that sponsor your kid’s Little League team or help raise funds for your church. Now is the time that we need to go out of our way to return the favor and show how much we appreciate small businesses in our community.

It’s not asking that much… go buy something. You community and your country are depending on you.


1328, 20 March 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Done! Good Fish.

  2. dad29

    For many Wisconsinites, heading out to their local restaurant on Fridays for some fried cod, Perch, or Walleye is a venerated tradition.

    Do I hear a THANK YOU to the Catholics???

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    My Fish was Lutheran. :-)

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Perhaps thanks would be in order to the commercial fishermen and women and aquaculture operators that raised, caught and cleaned your fish. No religious reference required.

  5. Mark Hoefert

    There is also a supply chain dynamic to consider.

    Grocery store supply chains dealing with bottle necks and lack of inventory right now.

    Restaurants and their suppliers have inventories of edibles – some fresh, some with expiration dates, none packaged for individual retail sale.  I read a post from an owner of a place in northwestern WI – able to weather a temporary lack of revenue, but worried that his existing supply of beers and food will become worthless.  It will be hard to replace that inventory without revenue now.

    My brother used to sell to restaurants and then worked in inventory – there must be a lot of cases of toilet paper sitting in restaurant supply warehouses. Not the best quality, and not packaged for retail sale. Perhaps every takeout meal should come with a roll of toilet paper.

  6. dad29

    LeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy reminds us all that Lefty Wackos have ZERO sense of humor.

    K, it’s not Lutheran unless there’s a Jell-O mold on the table.  Please verify.

  7. Mar

    Tell the business man to hold a party. Many people will volunteer to help drink the beer and eat the food.

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