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2115, 19 Mar 20

Washington Politicians Try to Outbid Each Other With Our Money

Insanity. All we are doing to perpetuating an economic collapse and burdening our children with yet another TRILLION dollars of debt to pay back. And for what? So that McConnell, Trump, and Pelosi can say that they “did something?”

There are a few notable gaps in the Republican proposal. Those who paid less than $1,200 in taxes in 2018 would receive a smaller rebate, at a minimum of $600. Some of the nation’s poorest families fall into that category.

Those who earn more than $75,000 would also receive a smaller rebate, and people who earn more than $99,000 won’t receive any benefit.

The package bases relief rebates on peoples’ 2018 tax returns. If someone made more than $99,000 in 2018, but much less in 2019, they would not get the benefit. The GOP plan also only calls for a one-time check, while a counterpoint from the Democrats offered recurring checks for the duration of the crisis.

The Democrats’ proposed plan, which Chuck Schumer presented on the Senate floor, includes a “Marshall Plan” – which borrows its name from the stimulus plan the US developed in the aftermath of the second world war – for hospitals and the healthcare system. It includes broader paid sick leave mandates, help for small businesses, bailouts for workers and full pay for those out of work.


2115, 19 March 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful. Just awful.

    Liberals cheer.

  2. jjf

    Liberals, again Kevin?  Did you read the story?  Republicans are cheering.  Republicans see this as a positive political tactic.

    As one sage said, “Well played!”  (But maybe that means he doesn’t approve.)

    Golly, aren’t we going to need some money to pay for all these overflowing hospital beds full of people who depended on the job they used to have to give them the health insurance that might’ve covered some of their month-long stay in the ICU?

    Isn’t it optimal that we tie health insurance to employment?  I’m sure other countries will regard our system with envy, and they’ll change to be like us.

    As another sage said, “getting coronavirus is not a death sentence except for maybe no more than 3.4 percent of our population.”  Nothing to worry about!

  3. Mar

    Where are all these overflowing hospitals, jjf?

  4. jjf

    Mar, I think you have not been paying attention.  All the lockdown, all the shutdown?  It is to attempt to prevent overflowing hospitals.  If the hospitals don’t have space, more people die.  You think we’re immune to what happens in other countries?

  5. Mar

    So, you listen to the hype and sky is falling crowd.
    Are you afraid of your own shadow as well?

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Had an interesting county board meeting yesterday where we were briefed (via teleconference) by state health officials, county health dept, and emergency management.  mar and others would surely benefit from up to date and factual information regarding the ever evolving situation.  As it stands now I’m not sure mar has a grasp on the situation.  Never too late to learn.

  7. Mar

    Gee, California was just locked down. I think I’ll go to Needles and drive around mocking those poor people.
    But Le Roi, I do have a grasp of the situation, I live in the real world where facts matter instead listening to a bunch of Chicken Littles.

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    I’ll put my trust in the health and emergency preparedness professionals rather than a highly educated denier like you.  You do whatever you want, be as irresponsible as you want, but do it in your neighborhood, not mine.

  9. Mar

    Yes, Le Roi, I come to your neighborhood. I like to live in an area where the only snowflakes we have the ones in the mountains and those who move here from California. But most of those people quickly learn that we don’t tolerate nonsense.

  10. jjf

    Golly, Mar, I’m sure your bravery and bullets and name-calling of others will fend off the virus.

  11. Mar

    Well, jjf, I would like to have an intelligent debate with you, but you chose not to.
    What a pity.

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    mar thinks he is a mans man, tougher and smarter than anyone else . Guess now he can prove it. But I’ll bet he never show his highly educated smug puss up here.

    Interesting part of the meeting yesterday was that the two most conservative and rabid trump backers on the board were the most fearful of the corona situation. They were adamant that no one was doing enough, the sky was falling, and didn’t have any belief in what the medical professionals were saying. In another situation it would have been funny.

  13. jjf

    Le Roi – Yes, at my county’s emergency meeting yesterday, the chair wisely suggested that the oldest and most immunologically vulnerable stay away.

    Mar – So when you said “snowflake” that was when you were debating seriously?  And you have some facts that don’t align with the facts from the epidemiologists and other health care professionals?

    Has anyone checked on Dad29?  Isn’t he really old?

  14. Mar

    jjf, I’ve already provided that information.
    But again, jjf, you still have not responded as to which Democrat would do a better job.
    You mock President Trump but won’t say who would do a better job.
    I guess you just are into hate speech instead answering a simple question that you should be able to answer with minimal thought.

  15. Mar

    Um, Le Roi, I’ve been up to your neck of the woods many times. No reason to go up there again.
    Bet you won’t come down here because your head would explode by all the Trump hats and shirts people wear proudly.
    And here, I am considered a moderate to liberal.

  16. Mar

    In addition, many of your fellow Wisconsinites are down here, commonly known as snowbirds. I don’t see too many of them fleeing back to Wisconsin right now

  17. jjf

    Mar, let me guess.  I name a Dem, you shoot ’em down.  It’s like Kevin’s “jump this high” game.  Here’s some targets for you.  A half dozen Dems who spoke up at the impeachment hearing…  they seemed pretty capable.  Any one will do.

    And snowbirds leaving or not leaving means what to you?  That they don’t want to drive and eat and stay who knows where along the way between AZ and WI?  Or get on a plane?  I heard the Canajuns have already left.

  18. Mark Hoefert

    many of your fellow Wisconsinites are down here, commonly known as snowbirds. I don’t see too many of them fleeing back to Wisconsin right now

    I am seeing them coming back, in droves.

    My neighbors came home in the middle of the night from FL with their 5th wheel.  Usually don’t come back before April 1st.  Place where they go every year closes 3/31 & he usually stays extra days to help with utility disconnects and some camper need help hooking up and navigating their trailers out.

    A former neighbor is catching a ride back from AZ with a lady from Madison who rented a car so that neither one has to fly back, are leaving earlier than planned.

    Another neighbor is frantically trying to get his mother to come home from FL now. She thinks she can drive herself home if she can’t fly when she intends to come back. She usually has her car shipped, and she really should not be driving anywhere anyway. He is an aviation mechanic and has intimate knowledge of the airline industry – he just wants her home now because if the situation gets complicated, such as if she gets lost trying to drive home or ill or quarantined somewhere far away, he is the guy that is going to have to deal with it.

    My brother, who has a condo in AZ did not return there after a trip to Washington & California. His daughter & son-in-law are in Colorado and are teachers in the Aspen School District – he snagged a rental condo near them – they have very young children.  He is a recently retired family practice physician (who may not agree with the recommendations of your “brain trust” of former EMS providers, hospital orderlies, etc. that this is all some kind of “hoax” that should be ignored).  His presence there will be of great comfort to the family.

    A local media source told me that inquires are coming from snowbirds paranoid that there is going to be intra state travel ban.

    Granted, this is all anecdotes of mine so maybe there are lots that are indeed staying in place. I don’t know a lot of people, so it is a small sample size. But so far it seems like 100% of the ones I know of are coming back.  That is why I can say they are coming in droves, if I restrict my worldview enough.


  19. Mar

    Sorry, jjf, again deflecting the question. I guess this means you know that President Trump is doing a great job but you are too hateful to admit it.
    Would I shoot someone down? Depends on who it is.
    But if history shows us anything, the Democrats have not handled disasters very well.

  20. Le Roi du Nord

    I’m sure you have mar, but with you not having much of a clue about much of anything, I don’t think you could find your way back.  And certainly we local residents wouldn’t care if you did.

    I’ve spent time in AZ, in the Four Corners area, Page, and on Lake Powell.  And Ed Abbey is one of my favorite authors, particularly The Monkey Wrench Gang, and Hayduke Lives.   But one only needs to see so much red rock and scrub in a lifetime.

    And pretty soon those snowbirds will want to pipe all the water in the Great Lakes to the SW so they can continue to waste it.  They just about dried up the Colorado, now they are looking at the GLs.

  21. Mar

    “And pretty soon those snowbirds will want to pipe all the water in the Great Lakes to the SW so they can continue to waste it.  They just about dried up the Colorado, now they are looking at the GLs.”
    Actually, that is true.

  22. Mar

    Meanwhile, I am sitting in an Irish pub in Bullhead City in Arizona (listening to Lynard Skynard????) And lots of Nevada people here.
    Across the Colorado River, in Laughlin,NV, the town is dead because all casinos and bars and restaurants are closed by order of the governor.
    A few miles down the river, you look across the river and that area is shut down, by order of the governor.
    In Wisconsin, you would not be able to have a beer at your favorite pub, because of your governor.
    What do all three of these states have in common?
    Liberal Democrat governors.
    Mind you, there have been no cases in Laughlin,Needles CA or Northern WI where Le Roi lives. But yet they are all restricted in their activities.
    But here in Arizona, where places that have had problems, they put restrictions on and in places where they have no cases, life goes on as normal or close to normal.
    That’s the way it should be. One size does not fit all. What is good in Phoenix is not good in Bullhead. What good in Madison is not good in Marinette.
    If the liberals cannot figure that out, then they are dumber than they look.

  23. Mar

    “A few miles down the river, you look across the river and that area is shut down, by order of the governor.”
    That’s in California

  24. Le Roi du Nord

    Good, I’m glad you can swill Coors Light in your favorite watering hole.  Make sure you test all your fellow patrons before you share a bowl of peanuts or a bar stool, or a pool cue.  Or be forever know as Covid19 mar (with apologies to typhoid Annie).

  25. Mar

    Seriously, Le Roi, Coors Light?
    Sorry, MGD for me.
    CoronaMar sure has a nice ring to it.

  26. jjf

    Virus don’t care what you think, Mar.

    Virus not alive.

  27. Le Roi du Nord

    Both are swill.  Life is far too short for bad/cheap beer.

  28. Mar

    “Life is far too short for bad/cheap beer.”
    And your choice is???
    Really doesn’t make a difference to me as my taste buds were pretty much destroyed while I was a volunteer firefighter and fighting a barn fire that had a lot of chemicals in the barn.

  29. Le Roi du Nord

    I am fond of a good Pils.  Potosi, Point, Schells, are fine choices.  Or a Spotted Cow if in the mood for an ale.

  30. dad29

    Mar, you forgot Illinois, now shut down by its rabid (D) Governor-billionaire.

    Even Evers won’t go that far………yet.

  31. dad29

    my taste buds were pretty much destroyed while I was a volunteer firefighter and fighting a barn fire that had a lot of chemicals in the barn.

    You were not supposed to eat the barn-wood.  Just douse it.

  32. Mar

    Darn, Dad, now you tell me.
    Actually, it was the fertilizer.

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