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2111, 10 Mar 20

Industrial Workers of the World Denounce DNC

Duly noted.

The Milwaukee IWW officially denounces the presence of the DNC in our city. We believe that the DNC being present in our city can have only negative impacts on the working class people that live here. With the commotion and traffic brought by the DNC, our city streets and sidewalks will become increasingly congested and create a massive inconvenience for Milwaukee residents trying to go about their day in the city as well as for a large portion of our membership who work on and near Old World 3rd St.

With the DNC will come an increased law enforcement presence to ensure that the city is presentable to the eyes of the convention-goers. We know that the police do not serve and protect working class people but employers and the wealthy, and they will be here to serve the interests of DNC-goers and not the city.

With the focus on the media spectacle of national-level politics about to occur, the conversation surrounding the DNC is not on how the Democrats are going to fix problems that Milwaukeeans actually face, but on the planning and running of the convention.


2111, 10 March 2020


  1. jednick

    The Wobblies never played well with others.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Who wouldn’t denounce DNC’s anti-human rights agenda?

  3. steveegg

    In this case, they’re denouncing the fact the DNC isn’t anti-human rights enough.

  4. Mark Hoefert

    Seems to be a little late for giving input like this. Milwaukee was chosen as host city a year ago.  Not sure when the efforts began promote Milwaukee as a potential host city – that would have been the time to express such reservations.

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