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1725, 24 Feb 20

Black Folks In Madison Object to Hiring of Hispanic Superintendent

Are we becoming a society where we will only be satisfied with people who are the same as us? This kind of enforced segregation is not good for anyone. What does it teach our kids?

A letter signed by 13 black community leaders in Madison expresses concerns about the Madison Metropolitan School District’s hiring of Matthew Gutiérrez to be its next superintendent.

The concerns include how much larger and more diverse MMSD is than Gutiérrez’s current Seguin Independent School District in Texas, student performance scores in Seguin and a “flawed, incomplete” process that “lacked substantive input from the Black Community.”

“We are dissatisfied with the process and how the input of the Black Community was minimized, if considered at all,” the letter reads. “Given the differences between Madison and Seguin, we expected a greater and broader background of experience, skills and abilities that would move the Madison District further in cultural competency, social justice, and academic outcomes for black students.

“Dr. Gutiérrez is woefully lacking in all of these categories.”

Put it in another light… would it be acceptable for a bunch of white folks to send a letter saying, “We are dissatisfied with the process and how the input of the White Community was minimized, if considered at all”? Hard to imagine.

I don’t know if Gutierrez is the right person or not. I presume that he is liberal enough for the folks on the Madison School Board. But it is clear that the folks who signed this letter would not be satisfied with anyone who is not of the same race.


1725, 24 February 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful. Just awful.

    Liberal intersectional cult victim coalition judging everything by skin color is the biggest racist problem we face!

    We have to stop this awful liberal racism.

  2. Mar

    Reading the article, Gutierrez looks like best canidate out of a horrible field of canidates.
    I also have my doubts about Gutierrez as he left high school, went straight to a classroom but probably stay in the classroom long
    Considering the guy is only 39 the guy probably is book smart but not wise to the real world.

  3. dad29

    The marketing of race.  Business meets politics, resentment and chaos follow.

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