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2058, 06 Feb 20

Buttigieg Wins Iowa

Does anyone really care anymore? I think the nation has already gone back to not caring about Iowa for another four years.

(CNN)Pete Buttigieg holds a slim lead over Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses with the Iowa Democratic Party announcing on Thursday night that 100% of precincts are reporting.

The former South Bend, Indiana, mayor leads the Vermont senator by one-tenth of one percentage point in the all-important state delegate equivalent count. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Vice President Joe Biden and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar are trailing behind Buttigieg and Sanders.

2058, 06 February 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    1.) What a farce. Democrats, who ran this election want us to trust them with important things like health care? Over my rotting corpse.

    2.) The same Democrats who want to rip up 225 years plus of Electoral college and destroy the Constitution on it, just gave more delegates to Mayor Pete, even though Bernie won popular vote. HYPOCRITES! Clean up your disgusting house first! Even then I don’t trust godless liberals to ever make a proper choice.

    3.) It seems party is going full on to screw Bernie, again! He won Iowa with most votes. But DNC narrative is: Mayor Pete did. They are scared an open communist is going to get nomination! He should get it because that is what liberalism is these days. Restoring superdelegates on first ballot is way to stop Bernie.

    4.) What is this first and second ballot nonsense? It adds to confusion. Democrats have nobody to blame but their stupidity on all levels in Iowa.

    5.) I am seriously considering crossing over in WI’s open primary and voting for Bernie. Trump will eat him alive. Mayor Pete is slippery like Trump. However, there is risk. Trump being like he was at SOTU this week, beats Bernie in landslide. Trump shooting himself with his mouth, Bernie could pull off a surprise and then could I live with myself slightly helping him in primary? The destruction of country would follow and we may be eating our dogs like socialist Venezuela with him in charge. I’m leaning Good Trump will prevail rest of the year. Bernie is the worst evil offered on Democrat side with possible exception of Warren.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is also interesting…clueless radical communist liberals, wondering aloud, why they are turning people off:

    MSNBC’s Maddow presses DNC chair Tom Perez over low Dem turnout in Iowa: ‘They didn’t turn out in droves!’

  3. Jason

    This is hilarious! Stephen King couldnt make this stuff up if he wrote Dramadies!

    What an absolute shit show. Only the Democrat party could in a straight face say that correcting Math mistakes would result in personal opinion. Of course the members of that party did introduce things like New Math, Participation Trophies, and Gender Fluidity!

    “The incorrect math on the Caucus Math Worksheets must not be changed to ensure the integrity of the process,” wrote the party lawyer, Shayla McCormally, according to an email sent by Troy Price, the chairman of the party, to its central committee members. The lawyer said correcting the math would introduce “personal opinion” into the official record of results.

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