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2209, 28 Jan 20

SCOTUS Upholds Immigration Policy

Two wins! First:

The US supreme court has allowed the Trump administration to block immigrants seeking permanent residency in America on the basis of their likelihood to use public benefits such as housing assistance, healthcare and food stamps even for short periods of time.

Good. We welcome immigrants who are contributing to our national progress. We also welcome legitimate refugees in need of safe haven.


“It has become increasingly apparent that this court must, at some point, confront these important objections to this increasingly widespread practice,” Gorsuch stated.

“As the brief and furious history of the regulation before us illustrates, the routine issuance of universal injunctions is patently unworkable, sowing chaos for litigants, the government, courts, and all those affected by these conflicting decisions.”

Yes, the court must. It undermines our system of government if a single unelected federal judge can usurp the power of the Congress and/or the President by issuing a sweeping national injunction. The Supreme Court needs to reign in that practice.



2209, 28 January 2020


  1. Jason

    Glad to see it’s recognized that the process has been usurped by liberal crybabies and I hope it’s restored quickly!

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    When will liberals learn….they are losers to common sense.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Yup, judges, who needs ’em?  Unless they are on your side..

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