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0724, 28 Jan 20

Democrats Announce “Nonpartisan” Commission

I heard Jay Weber talking about this on WISN1130.

Gov. Tony Evers signed an executive order Monday creating a nonpartisan redistricting commission that excludes lawmakers, lobbyists and party officials from participating.

The commission, which Evers unveiled in last week’s State of the State address, will consist of members from across the state and present maps to the Legislature for consideration after completion of the 2020 Census.

Evers, Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul and most of the governor’s cabinet assembled in the Capitol Monday for the executive order requiring the creation of the People’s Maps Commission, which will visit each congressional district in Wisconsin to help create the maps.

Funny how ONLY Democrats were invited to announce what they are pretending will be a “nonpartisan” commission, eh?


0724, 28 January 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    What a farce.

    If they want to be “nonpartisan” they should appoint me.

  2. Merlin

    The People’s Maps Commission. It certainly has a nice, socialist sounding ring to it. Eh, comrades?

    This theater group has no binding influence or constitutional authority over the redistricting process whatsoever. None.

    The Legislature will draw the lines. Evers will veto. Dems will run to the courts to delay implementation. The script writes itself.

  3. jjf

    Merlin, and the WisGOP will divert tax dollars to a friendly law firm, and their lines will be determined by a secret process, and then they’ll erase the hard drives afterwards to prevent any examination of how they did it.  Is that in your script, too?

  4. dad29

    So what, Jiffy?  SCOTUS approves, case closed.  Buy some cheese for your whine.

  5. Mar

    Gee, doesnt the losing side have to pay the other sides lawyer fees?

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