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1810, 29 Dec 19

Putin Thanks Trump

This is curious.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has thanked US counterpart Donald Trump for intelligence that helped foil “acts of terrorism” on Russian soil, according to a Kremlin statement.

Mr Putin and Mr Trump spoke on the phone on Sunday, it said.

The Kremlin said the information came via intelligence services, but it provided no further details.

Russian media is reporting the discovery of a plot to attack St Petersburg over the New Year period.

Tass news agency says two Russian nationals have been arrested and plans to attack a mass gathering were seized, according to a spokesperson from the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency.


1810, 29 December 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I have no problem helping foreign leaders put down Muslim terrorists, even Putin.

    Putin is a rational enemy.   Islamic terrorists are not.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    “rational enemy”

    Now we should be even more concerned, k is rationalizing our enemies.

  3. jjf

    That’s right, Le Roi, and Putin is here to help us with our elections and our place in the world, and with the big-man Orange One in charge, we can out-smart him!

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord, jjf,

    He is rational in comparison to radical Islamic evil.

    Since you deny that exists, I would not expect either of you to understand the comment.

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    And that makes Putin even more dangerous to democracy. And he owns and intimidates trump.

  6. jjf

    Le Roi, do you remember either of us saying that we deny “radical Islamic evil,” or is Kevin hallucinating from eating too many Dilly Bars?

  7. Mar

    Looks like jjf went to and found out he has the liberal hate gene.

  8. jjf

    Go on, Mar…  Tell me what I hate.  Or tell me what you hate that I don’t hate enough.

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    I have told k numerous times that I don’t like evil in any form.  But I won’t let him define evil for me. He has an odd way to twist things to serve his narrow and intolerant needs.

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